2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


It sums up your knowledge to even post that! So there is to be no man-marking? Really?


With respect, every player has the right to walk away, whenever and however they like. People may not like or understand a players decision to leave a panel, but they should at least respect the players for the commitment given up to this point.

This is a general comment and not specific to Niall, or any other player.


Tipp probably have the best forward line in the Country but there’s not too many of them who you’d call great ball winners or hugely physical. It’s all based on skill, movement, stick work & hurling intelligence. Having half backs & midfielders who have a few hurling brain cells also helps when delivering the ball in.


In other words your his Dad😂


I think he’s commenting more on the fact that they asked McMorrow to do a man marking job, a job he’s clearly not suited to doing.


Mcmorrow a man marker? You couldn’t be further away if you tried from knowledge on a player if that’s the role he was given. It’s equivelent of asking Rushe to go in goal, or actually the forwards.


So you have more respect for the people that walked than the lads that stayed on? Very strange stance to take. Walking was a far easier option under Ger, it was a toxic environment and results were poor. Why would anyone want to be part of that other than to play for the jersey and I’m sure to improve their chances within the team in the long term.
It’s not as if all the guys that walked were vocal about what was wrong in the setup bar carton and one or two more less than subtle hints. If they all really walked for the good of Dublin hurling why didn’t they come out and tell us ( the supporters) what was going wrong. They’d have got rid of him quicker.


The lad has played for Dublin between minor and senior 12-13 years. If he has walked it’s his decision and best of luck to him. He’s not under contract so doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. There may be several issues here for him.

I always thought he was/is a great talent. If he had more pace he’d be in the Alan cadogan type role. An outstanding minor in that position.


Surprised at the response of the likes of Alan here who are talking about a player they accuse of throwing a strop. I doubt they know the character of the lad, but if he was being asked to do a man marking job by Gilroy et al, they have clearly seen even less of our players in the past than I had guessed, and their hurling judgement is questionable enough - if introducing Rushe at corner forward over Ryan the last day is not evidence to.suggest that.

It is not correct to say we don’t need quality small, skilled, speedy hurlers…we just don’t need them as man marking midfielders. With no disrespect to the two lads named to play in midfield against the All Ireland champions today, it is clearly an area of concern that our management are not dealing with effectively to date…


I didn’t accuse him of that. The Herald stated that he walked away after telling Gilroy he wasn’t happy about being subbed, which would be childish in my view. They have subsequently changed the article slightly.

Anyone can walk away at any time. That is their right. But I really hope he didn’t walk away simply because he wasn’t getting enough playing time. That would seem to make no sense at all so early into a new managerial term.

It’s a terrible pity the omertà our county teams practice is the way it is. We are like mushrooms. Fed shit and kept in the dark. In many ways it’s a shocking way to treat people who are not just fans but often the bedrock of the GAA and the people who start the players on their careers. It’s something that needs to change.


What’s the story with tickets for this. Presume it’s the usual, ticket van in the lane outside? First game back since year 2 of the previous regime. A glutton for punishment I know.


Anyone got the list of subs how strong is our bench worried about today galway have some fire power


Bookies have the spread at ten. Based on team selection that would sound about right to me. Not going to be pretty today


That would make more sense. Hope he can manage the condition and keep playing for boden as long as he wants.


Is it on tv live ?.. if so which channel ?


The best forward line in the country won the All Ireland last September. Meanwhile, if you don’t think that Tipp’s forwards are big men that can win their own ball, I’ll leave it there.


It is in your liathroidi. If he cannot do that, he should not be there. Not suited to? Oh well sorry. Dearie me. I’d say that would go down well with Cody etc. ‘Sorry Brian. I’m not suited to this man-marking style. It inhibits my free-roving spirit. Could you ask someone else? I prefer running onto breaking ball?’


Alan, sorry but you did accuse him of throwing a strop, you then cited the Herald article in s later post.


Don’t think it’s on TV. Check TnaG for delayed coverage! I would imagine they are showing Galway v Kerry football at 2pm


TnaG showing Tipperary-Kilkenny, then deferred coverage of Kerry-Galway, then Cork- Waterford…