2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


Some save in fairness


Would like to see a breakdown of our record on penalties over the last decade. Never seem to score them.



Good fight back here from Dublin


Much better second half. Gilroy better stay on Danny’s good side though.


Arse has fallen out of if again


Hopefully one of these days we’ll play for the full70 minutes. 1-14 is not a great score but considering we only had 4 points 28-30 minutes in it was a decent recovery.


game vs laois will be 50/50


Much better than last week against Limerick. Work rate was good, we over carried the ball a lot and then lost possession, forwards and backs were guilty. We don’t seem to have forwards who can hit the ball further than 40 yds, that was the biggest diff between the 2 side. Cian Boland did well when he came on, the full back line did ok too, and got no help from the ref. Chris Crummey was immense and has created a big problem for Liam Rushe. Danny played well 1st half but disappear 2nd half.


Playing a bit of catch-up on here. Interesting to read the general and - in fairness - warranted unease earlier in the thread at how we’ve started under Gilroy & seeing how the scoreline developed today (admittedly I’m only going on how the game played out based on this thread).

Looks as if we battled back into the game at least having got off to a poor start. Bring on the posts from those in the 'Nell today.


That was good. The main reason we didn’t win, is because Galway can be awesome at times! Some of their plays were absolute top drawer. They are a massive team as well, in height and in physique. Dublin have catch up work to do in that regard.

But the second half there from Dublin was fairly good. Boland made a difference, Winters was good throughout, Crummy was possibly the best player on the field, Danny is just unbelievable at times. Tómas Connolly is cementing a place for himself there also.

It wasn’t all good, we dropped a lot of simple pop passes where the guy had done all the hard work, got free of the defenders then lays off the ball, and the other guy drops it. We should have taken a few more points as well from time to time.

But given who the opposition were (and the strong team they had out) and the fact that Gilroy is still very much looking for players, that was a very acceptable performance.

Nolan was good, full back line were solid and only gave away a goal because of tremendous Galway play, the half back line was very solid throughout, midfield were ok and broke even with the opposition I would think. The half forward line had problems though, the number 4 for Galway who was playing wing half cleaned up a mountain of loose ball, I don’t know how he was so free so regularly. Danny was brilliant there, Keaney was an effective tackler and breaker up of play, Crummy struggled a bit but did some good stuff too.

The full forward line was ok’ish, Winters was good throughout and generally got the better of his man, O Dwyer got one good ball but was fairly anonymous generally, Hayes was decent enough.

Did Rushe come on and go off again? He won the penalty but he is incredibly immobile for a forward, the chap just can’t turn. Cian Boland made a real difference…


Galway in 1st gear could’ve beaten us by more if they wanted, sure they’ve only beaten Antrim by 3 & Laois by 7, us by 6 now. Again 1-14 a poor score & only 1-05 from play.


That was a different Galway though, a much stronger team. But it was our performance I found encouraging, or at least the second half one, regardless of the opposition we bought a lot more intensity and physicality I thought.

Sure, Galway will beat us everytime at the moment, but they are the best in the country by a distance - so there is no great disgrace in that. But coming from where we were, I thought that was quiet good.


Was that Hayes First taste of senior county action? Don’t remember him coming on before.


Of course they will, they’re all Ireland champions and we’re down a bunch of players through Cuala and Fitzgibbon as well as quite a long injury list. With a full pick we’re going to struggle with the likes of Galway.


Where did Boland play when he came on?

DMT Said Rushe went off injured.


Boland went on for Rushe, so initially full forward. I guessed Rushe must have been injured, but I didn’t see any sign of it. Boland looked very sharp.


I was happy enough with that performance today! We list by 6 points and by my observation we gave away 6 soft scores. Mostly due to misplaced pass or not picking up the loose man! These are areas we can improve on! Earlier in the week I reckoned we were a 3 on the scale of 1 to 10 Thought we would be lucky to ride that to a 5. Actually thought we scored about a 7 today. Play like that next week and we will beat Laois!


Glad to hear it, he’s had poxy luck with that injury. Hopefully with Conroy coming in for DCU we might see him get a chance with Dublin soon, he needs games and with his size he ought to be able to win a puck out or two. Plenty of skill as well, looks to have filled out a bit from last summer.


Thought they might have brought Rushe in for Kelly at 7 when he went off injured. Might have improved the delivery into the forwards!