2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


Yeh your right, your man cleaned O Carroll as he streched for the ball. And to rub it in it lokked about 3 feet wide. As someone else said there was at least 3/4 frees given in favour of Galway that were charging/overcarrying that should have been against. All in all I thought the ref was shite.


If all results go as expected. We would be in a league QF v Wexford. I think we would win that. A lot of guys would be available then that aren’t now.


there was very little objection from supporters near me, so thought I was seeing things. The ball was never inside the post, don’t know how he gave it. We were in the game at that stage, we had won the 3rd quarter (as the experts call it) by 2. The goal soon after killed our momentum. Credit to the lads they never gave up. We actually played our nicest hurling towards the end, though Galway were probably pulling up.

I counted 6/7 of their scores in the first half that came straight from poor clearances and short passes out of defence. We were less inclined to hit HF compared to Limerick. Still you wouldn’t expect us to give so many away. We cut it out in the 2nd half which again is a small improvement were looking for.


Why do you think that we would beat Wexford?


wexford will beat Dublin handy


I know we lost today but we need to bring same intensity to the Laois game. During Daly’s time we tended to go through phases of Good Day Bad Day! Consistency is half the battle. So that would be the challenge for next Sunday.


Were a long way past Daly’s time! But you’re right. Attitude also. Thought it was spot on. No heads dropping. Didn’t hurl like were in the doldrums. Obviously loads to work on but if were ticking those two boxes that’s a lot of the battle.


Because if you take the best of the guys that have been involved to date this year, factor in the guys that are on the way back from injury (Conroy, Mc Bride etc.) and factor in the Cuala lads, I think we will be in a good place.


Cuala lads not back until first game in championship. But I hear what you are saying.


Aye, I see that now. QFs are a week before 17th March. That is a big pity. Very difficult to not be able to have best team out until the day you absolutely need them. Cuala success could turn out to have negative effect like Crossmaglen success had in Armagh.


Laois have a far better score difference than Dublin. So a draw will do them next Sunday. If game is tight going into final few minutes both Dublin players and management would do well to remember that! I recall a few seasons ago there was a game in Parnell Pk where Dublin had a free to draw the game. Signal from side line was drop it into the square and work a goal. Ball was cleared and we lost. Turned out the draw would have done us. But in all honesty we should be able to beat Laois by a point or two!


That game you’re referrring to was in Thurles and Niall mcMorrow dropped in the free, under orders from the line


Was game down in Tipp similarly. McMorrow has simple chance to ensure we lost by less than 3 points and dropped ball into square instead to try for a goal. AFAIK would have kept us out of relegation game / into qfs. Mad stuff.


Missed today’s game but reastically it has to be seen as a move forward. Most people thought it was a 20 point game.

The only game I can comment on from this weekend is the fitzgibbon final. I made the journey to mallow first and foremost to see some of our brightest prospects. But also as hurling fan to see the likes of Kelly , John McGrath and ronan Lynch.

1 player (who a neutral agreed with me on) was head an shoulders ahead of the rest on show and that was eoghan o donnell . He is absolute gold. Thank god we have him. Of the other dubs on show. Burke showed his class and to be honest he looks like he’s after developing physically big time too. Mc bride had some good moments but I’m still waiting for him to light things up.

Whitely showed some nice touches but needs gym work to take him to next level. Main things is that he Showed that he has the talent. Well able to field a ball but needs to add physique to that paw of his.

Daire gray is a nice hurler but mobility seems to be a massive issue. His running gait appears to be an issue form what I seen,

Like wifi has stated above perhaps it’s too
Soon for burke and whitely. If they were from Tipperary they would have another 24 months working on S&C before they get a chance. We unfortunately have to fast track at the moment. Would hate to think that we end up ruining them for short term gain despite their obvious talent


We will beat Laois also with a bit to spare. Cut out the concession of frees and we will be fine. 6 point win. Persist with winters also. He’s an out ball and good free taker. Burke’s frees for DCU were top notch also just to add.


Game may not be played next weekend the way the weather is.


They should maybe plan it off now and save the uncertainty. Portlaoise is a cold enough place at the best of times!


Winters was very good from play yesterday. Whoever was marking him will not have left the field happy.

I do think though Paul Ryan is worth maybe an extra two points a game against any other free taker we have. I am not sure we can give that up.

Burke was good on the frees in the Fitzgibbon, and fairly good from play also, he got one great point. But I thought there was a noticeable difference yesterday from other games in how much pressure the forwards could put on the opposition backs when they were trying to come out with the balll. In the Limerick game, some of the backs didn’t even notice the tackles. For me, having Burke and Whitely in there is too much, it is four of six positions where we can’t bring enough physicality. We can get away with one of six, but not two.


What did you think of McBride in Fitzgibbon? He looked decent on the internet coverage, but it was difficult to see everything on that.


did i say that…