2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


Kilkenny also. Took long enough for lads like TJ Reid and Richie Hogan to come through, although to be fair they were trying to break onto one of the best sides of all time, but even with their talent they weren’t fast tracked straight in. Ideally Burke and Whitely would be getting a half hour at the end of games against tiring opposition to get a run and their confidence up but given how many we’re missing at the moment we don’t have that luxury.


Whats the story with Cian O’Sullivan? Assume he’s got a knock, any word on when he’ll be right?


He scored 0-00 from play!!

Paul Ryan a far better option from play & frees. It’s baffling the lack of game time he’s getting especially seeing as our forward line has been so bad.


supposed to be a thaw on saturday, but even so, that just means flooded fields and pitches.


But he won a lot of direct ball, which I haven’t seen for a long time from a Dublin full forward line, and we got scores from it. He was much more effective as the out ball for Dublin then Ryan O Dwyer was.


ROD’s ball winning is much over estimated. He’ll work like a trojan and will win dirty ball but his fielding is not spectacular.


He has had the odd good day at it (AI semi 2013 comes to mind), but generally yes, he is more a disruption to the opposition then a clean ball winner. He did neither yesterday though really.


That wasn’t a bad effort though, it was a brilliant save.


Paul Ryan only came back from Australia 2 weeks before the Antrim game! So might still be a little off the pace.


JJ and Tommy were straight onto the team 1st year out of minor 19 years old. As were Joey Boland, Keaney, Dotsie.
If you’re good enough you’re old enough.


they were two freaks to be fair. :yum:


And if you’re good enough, you’re young enough


… said Donald Trump.


If you are physically developed enough, you are good enough. If you aren’t, you have to wait until your body catches up with you’re skill level. You need to be above averagely fast, or above averagely strong for your age to make it in the first year out of minor.


Exactly. Freaks!



I agree with this from Gilroy ‘I think we got a foundation today for building our game’. I think they did too, it was the first day (apart from the Wexford Walsh Cup game) where I could see them getting up to standard by just improving in some areas and not by having to start again from scratch.

I think most of the improvement came from the style of team picked rather then any particular training thing. The forwards were much more aggressive in the tackle and had the physique to carry that aggressiveness through.

They need to keep that, and now add the hurling to match it. Boland, Dillon and McBride can go a long towards doing that. I would keep Keaney in there for now, even if for his tackling ability alone. He might be superseded come summer time, but if he is, it will be a good one that will have done it. I would love to see a team without Keaney actually, because it would mean that we are good enough not to need him, but we aren’t there yet.

I also agree re the punditry. You couldn’t be listening to them. A lot of the rubbish after the Limerick was about going back to the old guys etc. But the older guys were the best on the team, it was the young guys who got destroyed that day.


You insinuated it. Or are you suggesting that certain players should have to do it but others be exempt?


Saw Danny at lunch, hand was very strapped up. Thumb looked tied to two other fingers. Must have got a bad belt. I’d be unsure if he’ll be ready to play next weekend again. Would be a big loss for this crucial game as was starting to motor well.


Looks like the game will be postponed thanks to al and rochey’s snow :snowflake:


Danny must have got a Knock in warm up yesterday because he got it strapped up a bit just before throw in!