2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


Hardy buck to play with it so, looked nasty enough when I saw it earlier


his inability to raise the ball or even strike it well off the deck cost us a certain goal in the early stages yesterday. And shortly after he had a similar chance, albeit with a couple of defenders in front of him. Went to lift the ball, fumbled it and it was cleared. Also had a bad wide from inside the 21.

He’ll be given the benefit of the doubt, first start for a while. At the stage where at now, we have to start him and Keaney simply to keep the opposition backs honest.


May well have picked up a 2nd knock during the game!


he didn’t remotely insinuate it

he said/ implied strongly that there would be players better suited to doing the job than McMorrow

which is correct in my view

If some players aren’t better suited to some jobs than others then why do we have positions

that doesn’t mean that McMorrow shouldn’t do the job as well as he can - which he did as far as I can tell

and anyway he always did a good job winning ball when he played - but having said that it made no sense having him battling the likes of Fennelly in midfield or standing under puckouts as he has been at times these past few years


While not a flash 'arry by any means, he’s not usually bad at the basics. I’d chalk that down as rustiness.


Pretty incredible that we haven’t produced anyone who can strike a ball hard enough to score a penalty. Keaney when he broke onto the scene first was the last man who could do that(strangely enough when he came back his striking was at the same level, even though it was still good.)


We are terrible at it generally. Paul Ryan has it in him, and Winters looked ok at it. But nobody else should even try - we should go for a point every time. I can’t remember Dublin ever scoring one since the new rule…


Pretty incredible really…such a huge disadvantage we are at, teams if they done there homework will know they can pull us down in that area and we won’t score, whereas if you try pull any other county man down they all have a man who will rattle the back of the net.


Said it before and I’ll say it again: We need one or two lads to practice the bejasus out of it! It would give them confidence on match day. Likewise it would benefit the goalkeeper in a match day situation.


I’d genuinely like to know our stats for penalties over the last 10 years. Surely Nolan could smack the damn thing home?


Did anyone see the Galways keepers save yesterday from the penalty? It was brilliant.


I would agree Nolan should of hit it


Apparently, They’ve been doing a lot of stick work.

I think OTB just read res dubs for their questions :thinking:



Marking someone is a job that every player on your panel needs to be able to do, regardless of position. I never suggested Mc Morrow should be picked in midfield, or anywhere. I simply said if he is told to go and mark someone, then he should do so. Do you disagree?


Penalties should be hit low, onto the ground. I think I read somewhere that there are stats to show that a significantly higher percentage of penalties that are hit high, are saved. TJ Reid always hits them low.


TJ Reid hits them high! Top corner. He scored a point off one yesterday because he was going high.


Did he? If I can find the link to the article I read, I’ll post it. It definitely mentioned striking the ball off the ground as giving you a better chance of scoring.


Of course he should. Do you have any evidence that he didn’t?
I don’t know Niall McMorrow at all but he deserves better than you assuming that he threw a strop ‘because he was asked to mark someone’.


If you read back over the comments you will find this:

Apparently he was asked to sacrifice his own game and man mark Cian Lynch and then pulled with the reason being he was not getting on the ball enough!!

The comment was made by newkidontheblock and not by me. It was commented on by lostcause and then I replied. I have no idea why Niall left the panel. My comments referred to the issue of players being ‘unsuitable’ to be asked to man-mark others, which I believe to be total bullshit.


Fair enough Iomaint, apologies for saying that was you.

I think where I disagree is that while every player should do whatever job they are asked to and every player should of course mark as part of their game, some players are going to be better man markers than others. Part of management will be figuring that out and getting players in the situations where they can do what they do best. As well as getting a general set of things that everyone does to a high level - especially marking, tackling etc. In Jackie Tyrell’s book there’s loads of places where he is asked to do a man marking job on particular players. It was pretty clear that Cody had him in mind as his best man marker, or one of his best.

Anyway, as the man says, I’ll leave it there