2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


Think Munster tried to get him recently, chose to stay with Galway though


There has to be lots of top guys out there. The other side of this is maybe some managers prefer to go down the road of speed over powerful physical build! Their argument being if your on to a ball a yard ahead of your marker and release it immediately then physicality becomes less important! Not suggesting it’s the answer. Just one theory.


mobility with physicality really is the key

in all kinds of ways - I see lots of problems in (reasonably serious) juvenile teams and even club seniors where teams are training hard and they don’t get that mix right. Affects performance but also injuries

It’s obviously not easy to get right but at the same time with all this talk of sports science etc there should be way more information available to coaches at all levels about how to get that mix right. Seems like it is good for performance and for injury prevention.

GAA and players paying too much for physio fees, some of which could be avoided with the right training mixes, good recovery sessions, guidelines on recovery times/ overload etc - but that info at some level needs to be available to the ordinary coach as well as the superstar S&C people

Sorry, got off point there …


Problem is with coaches some aren’t in for the long road and are in for a quick fix and then they are gone especially with the amount of blow ins and club level.
S&C is a long road especially with people with a young training age where they haven’t done much before.


No not off the point at all! Excellent post!


true for you
might be targetted at clubs though where someone in the club gets training and then responsibility for oversight of overload, S&C, etc


The 12 as well, a horse of a man. Whelan also, looks twice the size he was in 21’s just over a year ago. I was critical of him a few times last year. Egg on face scenario now, he’s a fantastic player.


Whelan got on a lot of ball on Sunday. Excellent player!


We were getting big under Daly, but we got a much smalller team under him who’s name we should not mention.

Some of those young lads we are putting out just aren’t up to this physicality yet, and we don’t need them yet either.

I would give them a year or two to add a few kg and go with the good, slightly older lads we have. We have been picking ex minors when there are equally good ex u21s untapped


Was it 2012 or 2014 where Dalys team had bulked up too much and were unable to run


I think the main references to that was 2012 v Laois. But I think it was based mainly on a Liam Sheedy analysis of Rushe on The Sunday Game… But Rushe was playing in the forwards, and as we have all sort of learned since, for some reason Rushe loses speed and mobility past the half way line :grinning:


That was the year I was talking about, when we had Liam Rushe at 14 and he couldn’t move. Lost to Cats in Portlaoise- I think.


I don’t think there’s a single Galway player under six foot bar the keeper and most of them are in their early-mid 20s, that’s how the game is now.


yea - they’re a big team, not just their conditioning but just naturally big men.


Funny I came across a clip on YouTube the other day of a game from 2008 v Limerick, Rushe was corner forward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcTp8wbUPTQ

At about 1.20 into the clip he gets the ball, turns and heads for goal. I don’t think he could do that now as well. Having said that, he brings other skills now…


I stood beside the gate where they leave the pitch last weekend, and it was sort of a wow moment. Apart from being big and tall, there isn’t an ounce of fat on any of them.

Hurling and football seem to have diverged in the body shape required. Footballers seem to be a bit leaner and a bit less bulky now. But the likes of Galway, Tipp and Kilkenny seem to be living in the gym. But they must be doing a lot of work on mobility also, because this isn’t suffering.


When you think about the distances that footballers are covering then adding 10-13kg of muscle doesn’t make sense. The hurlers play in a role which is more localised to their position but the footballers could end up anywhere while following the play. Completely different sports needing completely different conditioning. Its understandably why dual players don’t exist any more.


Yeah was stood there myself. That’s where I saw Rushe. Looked in much better shape. Easily could play half forward/mf if not needed in the backs.


I thought Rushe was one of the few who compared well with the Galway lads (Keaney another). But he is fit looking, not hugely bulky looking, he just turns like he is bulky.

The more I think about it, the more I think MF is his position. I am not sure he can dislodge Crummy from CHB and he might not be great on the wing.


Hasn’t he played midfield before (long way back) and done well, or am i thinking of someone else?