2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


I think he has an All Star for there


All Star for Centre Back


2011 I think.


Yea and I Think Moran from Cuala will fill one slot along with Crummy! Hard to know where he might end up playing Rushe. But I do believe we need him in starting 15. Starting v Laois next week.


He was actually named at 8 but pretty sure he hurled at centre back


If you had a HB line of:

Moran - Crummy - Barrett

And a midfield of Rushe & O’Connell/Malone

You’d have a good mix of aerial ball winners, pace, physicality and hurling.


I am very interested to see how Moran would cope with championship intensity county hurling, but I think he will be ok. He is the classiest hurler we have in Dublin at the moment in my opinion.


Need to see more of him at that level, has the hurling to suggest he would be well able for it given time/games.


What age fella is he? Has been excellent at club for a number of years so amazing he hasn’t more county pedigree by now


That’s what I’d like to see.


Has been exceptional for Cuala from the start of the Dublin championship. Certainly has the skill levels. The only issue I have is he plays as the loose man for Cuala. always has a lot of time and space. He wouldn’t be afforded that luxury with Dublin. Still I think he’d be well able for it.


Moran played Championship last year and struggled a bit. I think he can get there though with more game time.

I don’t think Malone has the required skill levels to get there from what I have seen.


Was going to say the same myself. Most teams play a sweeper v Cuala so he’s always the spare man in the backs so never really has to mark anyone.
He definitely has the Hurling my only doubts about him would be his ability to recover when turned & if he can execute the skills quick enough in the higher intensity of Inter County Championship hurling.


I’d worry about Rushe in the middle of the Park with his agility as he turns like a Bus at times and also his striking would be a worry.

I honestly think 3 is the place for him but they don’t seem to be giving him game time at the back at all.


Well the current 3 won’t be there come championship anyways


Agree re his agility, but I think pairing him up with someone like O’Connell, who is very agile, could be good at 8 and 9.
I wouldn’t mind seeing him at 3 either but, any roving 14 would give him a real headache. Much like roving 11s gave him problems last year. Rushe will play 3 or 6 as good as anyone in the country if you want to stand toe to toe with him. But clever movement, and/or agility, has found him wanting at 6. And I would fear this happening at 3.
I believe we need him in the team. I also think he needs to be in a central position. So if I had a choice it would be at mf.


Rushe would not work at 3 in my view. He’s be an old school ball winning full back but this type of full back is been destroyed at IC level and barely earn a crust at club level anymore in my view. Most full forwards nowadays are big and very mobile and agile aswel as one of the teams more skillfull players.


Think Rushe is living off his reputation from a few years back. Adds very little any more outside of the odd catch. And drops an awful lot of straightforward ball. Hasn’t the mobility as has been said nor the hurling for top level inter county hurling.

That’s a damning indictment I know but am struggling to recall him offering anything of note for the last couple of years. Maybe Gilroy will get him back to the required level. Hopeful rather than confident he will.


I am not mad about O Callaghan either there. Great corner back but I don’t see him as a great full back.

I wonder how the Peter Kelly rehab is going… Joey Boland about the panel also…


He could be an option to play as a 3rd midfielder especially against the teams you know will play with 7 defenders.
I do agree he needs to be in the team but not as we see him now as a corner forward.