2018 NHL1B Round 4 - Dublin v Galway: Parnell Park, Sun 25 Feb 14:00


Watch the personal abuse please


Lads you are missing the point! I said 6 footer to signify general height. There is little difference between 5ft11 and 6ft. There is a significant difference between 5ft8 and 6 foot. There will probably be a significant weight difference too. I wish to God hurling was just about skill and could accommodate lots of nippy wizards like Joe Deane but it seems to be heading away from that. Galway were the biggest team in Ireland last year. They won the All Ireland.


JJ and larkin were six foot or an inch shy of it.

The Richie Hogans and Shane O’Donnell’s are now exceptions on panels where being around the six foot mark is just a necessity.

And Richie is a bad example of the shorter player because he’s a freak that can leap like a salmon :rofl:

Interestingly you’ve shifted the goalposts (or rather the crossbar) to players OVER six foot :thinking:


Strength can compensate for height a bit. Any lad who is a bit shorter these days needs to be either very strong or very brave. Coen with Galway isn’t huge, but he is fearless (and he is pure muscle).

I don’t think there are absolutes. Being tall isn’t a guarantee either, Treacy is tall for us, but doesn’t really use it. I think what can be said is that you have to be able to win your own ball and you have to be able to tackle. If you use height or strength or even speed isn’t really important, but you need to be able to do it. And it is a lot harder to achieve if you are on the small side. What small is, is difficult to define, but I think it’s about under 5,9.


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for height a bit. Any lad who is a bit shorter these days needs to be either very strong or very brave. Coen with Ga

Johnny Coen is six foot and I reckon about 12-13 stone, he’s not exactly slight!

It’s not a guarantee but it is almost becoming a pre-requisite for teams and that’s a problem for Gilroy, he can beef lads up over time but he can’t stretch them… unless he’s given access the secret bio-engineering lab off the Walkinstown roundabout that created O’Carroll and Fenton :rofl:


Might pick up a few at the Red Cow! :grinning:


It’s not the height that counts it’s the width!
Pat Gilroy told the County Board Hurling Committee after his appointment that he would be working on building up the players’ body strength so stop Dublin hurlers from being horsed off the ball by physically stronger opponents.


Did he say anything else?


Yes, players need to be able to stand up to the opposition. I don’t think he can build up players in a few months though. I think it would be best to go with mainly bigger lads this year and take some of the smaller lads (who seem to be the younger ones) off line and make them bigger. You can’t add muscle while training for championship games.

The lack of access to the Cuala lads and their continuous involvement means they aren’t getting a lot of S&C work though.


I don’t post here often but I would like to make one point. If we can get our front 6 right we will be doing ok. I felt sorry for out back 7 last year at times. For example I seen eoghan o donnell clear 4 balls in the space of 60 seconds in one game. That would only be 1 ball if it was sticking at the other end. It was a massive issue to my eyes. Donal burke class act but isn’t a primary ball winner. I think cian boland is a key cog this year. Ball winner / physical / classy hurler. He has the lot. Sutcliffe the same. Then we can fill in around them. I don’t worry about 1-7 one bit. Midfield needs tweaking but I think we will get there. Ben Quinn a loss I must add. Tenacity is what he brought. Sutcliffe Cronin boland dillon schutte burke together is a mix.


HoganStand saying Galway S&C guy Lukasz is not only remaining with the Senior Hurlers But is also setting up a programme to help other areas such as a development squads and under age teams. Unless Dublin County Board and team management sort themselves out in this regard we will be chasing the pack for next 10 or 15 years.


Is Bryan Cullen not doing something similar with Dublin?


Was that not just with footballers?


I think they have done this. Maybe too much emphasis on the footballers, but under Gilroy I would expect improvements for the hurlers.


I agree strongly with that. I am not 100% sure there is a place for Burke this year, but they seem to like him, so I guess there could be. Maybe Conroy an option in the forwards too.

It concerns me a little that even from all the games they have played we probably haven’t had even half what will be our championship team on the field at the same time and time is running out.


Laois game officially fixed for next Sunday at 2:30pm. Same time as Dublin v Kerry. So just a the usual few hundred loyal supporters will bother traveling to portlaoise.


Can’t see the difference between a lad getting horsed off the ball and someone giving it away by fumbling a catch or a lift myself. Both result in losing possession, I think if you’re good enough you’re big enough. Nothing wrong with working on the lads’ strength and conditioning but I wouldn’t be ruling people in or out based on size.


I think the strength thing comes into play in two aspects, breaking tackles and in tackling the opposition. Just as important as the forwards not winning ball in the last few years was that they couldn’t stop the back coming out with it. They had free reign to set up attacks.

But sure, they have to be able to hurl also, strength on its own isn’t enough. I think too you can get away with one or two smaller lads if they have speed.