2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30


Good solid win from reading this. There are much bigger challenges ahead but it saves our status. I wouldn’t be just happy with that though as some here seem to be but it’s a step in right direction.


I spotted someone lost that the Tipp match would be in Dublin. Anyone have solid info on this?


Just read it in a few places. Not sure why


That’s what they said on Radio 1, that the GAA have confirmed it’s a Dublin venue.


Tipp has three home games. We had two. That gives us a home game for the quarter.


Would’ve preferred Wexford or kilkenny to be honest. Still good to get a crack at one if the top teams at home. Young Hayes with 2-04 has staked a serious claim for one of the corner spots. Winters had two goal attempts as well.


That’s a serious return for him you are right. Hearing Danny was unmarkable at times which is also great news. Full back line tested much?


Good win today
Tipp and Dublin have a home/away arrangement.


AFAIK there is no such thing anymore.

Either way we’re at home because we had one less home game than Tipp. That has been the way for a while now. If both teams had two or three games at home then it’s a coin toss. Clare and Limerick are tossing a coin.


Hoganstand says there is an home/away arrangement.


They might be quoting someone who knows.


What alan is describing IS the home & away arrangement - it’s not an arrangement between two specific teams, as far as I know.


In no way a reliable source about anything.

To make up for the imbalance in home and away games it was agreed when the current format was introduced that if a team that had only two home games drew a team that had three in the quarter finals then the team with only two home games would get home advantage for the quarter final.

I suspect Hogan Stand got their info from RTÉ, which mentions home and away but doesn’t explain what it means in this context.

EDIT - RTÉ have it explained now.


Happy enough with that result. O Donnell Smyth and Crummey excellent in defence. Burke and Danny very good in half forward line. Winters very good in full forward line. but what can we say about Ronan Hayes? He was MOTM by a country mile. Thought McCafferey was poor enough. Didn’t close his man down quick enough. A couple of Alan Nolan’s puck outs didn’t find the target. But he did make one fine stop. Ryan O Dwyer although scoring 1:01 looked a little unfit. But he did stand up to defenders who tried to run out of defence with the ball. The important thing to day was that we had a job to do and we done that with a bit to spare. Next we face Tipp and being realistic we are in bonus territory now!


I thought O Dwyer was poor enough to be honest, his touch is never super, but it was way off today. But as you say, he did stop defenders coming out. Long term that’s not enough though.

Rian Mc Bride was only on for a few minutes, but he caught the one puck out he had to and set up a score - that is something we have lacked in the past.

McGibb had some strong powerful runs, and could be a real midfield option.

Rushe not togged out, but I saw him there. That smack in the Galway game must be keeping him out.

Barrett might be doubtful the next day - he got a bad hit on the arm.


Confirmed on GAA site, home venue for Dublin, time TBC for next Sunday.


Smith and O Donnell were fabulous. Smith is turning into a serious player, O Donnell is one of the best in the country. O Carroll was sticky, and did his job, and was fine.

Danny is amazing, his tackling and blocking is as important as what he does on the ball. His ability to block is the best on the team.

For the people who were there - what did ye think of Burke? I just wasn’t sure. He did some really good things, but I fear for his inability to impose himself physically. But he plays all the time when fit, so managers are definitely seeing him as a mainstay in the team.


In the Nell afaik


For me burke defo has enough to be starting. Thought he did well today.


Loved the directness of hayes when he got possession.