2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30


Good point, it’s not a switch you can just flick, although they gave Keaney a fitness plan for the winter and Rushe does look smaller so i’m sure they’ve changed his regime a while back but like you say, it could be the summer/2019 till we see the effects.


It could possibly be tied in with some form of dietary or nutrition programme. If that were the case then the benefits are slow to become noticeable. I could of course be way off the mark with that!


Rushe has had awful injury problems the last 2 years but he kept playing through it but he hardly trained at all last year. He is only back about 2 weeks training properly so judging him now about how he is playing is very unfair. I think we need more ball winners in the half forward line so I’d give him a try at 11 or wing forward when he gets himself fully fit.


It probably is unfair. Mind you if we’re werent kept in the dark then we’d tend to be more fair.


A few times on Sunday, Nolan tried to hit the full forward line with a puckout, and it sort of worked. Once or twice everyone moved out to the right wing and left a space in front of Winters and he did get it more then he didn’t. When Rushe came on too, Nolan tried to hit him also.

The problem with it is that the ball has to travel a long way and guys get to adjust - but Nolan hits a decent trajectory, so it can work.


Speaking of being in the dark, anyone know what the craic is with Dillon? He hasn’t seen a lot of game time. He played against Antrim, but at FF where he had no space.


I wonder if management have just decided that they need a certain level of physical strength/height etc, either now or 12-18 months down the road, and they are basically going to go with the lads that have at least lots of potential on that side.

So they’re willing to take their lumps now while they are working on those lads. Whether that’s giving them game time now (Burke. Whitely etc), getting over injuries (Conroy etc) or whatever

When you look at Galway it’s understandable that they would take that approach. Not necessarily 100% right, but understandable


Conroy came on against UL in the fitz final so thats a big result for Dublin Hurling


Injured at the minute


Cheers - is it long term do you know?


Said it on here about 18 months ago that I would have Rushe at wing forward. It will take him a few games to readjust to playing in the forward line again. We all know he is not the most mobile player in the world but he is a natural ball winner and is what we lack up front. Just depends on what Gilroy wants from his forwards.

Rushe and Danny on the wings are as good a ball winning pair as what’s out there so that would be worth a try for me.


I wouldn’t have ROD involved in any capacity training or playing.

Apart from ROD that’s the team I’d love to see out


I would call this game off now actually. Whatever happens the pitch will be in a bad state and it will be completely freezing. Also, I assume some games will be called off, and as it is the final round of the league, it is important all the games are played at the same time.


Yea I think GAA have accepted that if one game in division is off then all that division will be off! Has to be that way to allow fairness to all involved. Particularly regarding score difference etc. From a totally selfish view point it might suit Dublin better if it’s off! Would allow more time for injured guys to recover!


I’m not to sure but hoping its not maybe @Sam_11 might be able to tell us


Back training this week or next don’t believe it to be anything serious.


Based on what I am seeing out the window, I can see everything being off at the weekend. Even if the pitches are playable, any travelling would be dangerous enough.


DCB cancelled everything this weekend. It would be crazy for the GAA not to do the same.


It’s not that bad down here at the moment, tomorrow is expected to be bad but the postman says it’ll thaw by friday.


It’s probably only midlands and East Coast, but if they cancel a few games they nearly have to cancel them all. But they don’t seem to have a free weekend if they want to keep the free April for clubs, so it will be a problem.