2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30


Are there Camogie finals in Croker on the 11th?


Refixed for next weekend - Sunday at 2.30.


It’s a 4 o’clock throw-in …

Allianz Hurling League Division 1B

Galway v Limerick, Pearse Stadium, Salthill, 2.30pm

Laois v Dublin, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, 2.30pm

Offaly v Antrim, St. Brendan's Park, Birr, 2.30pm


Apologies! I was looking at the article headline and assumed you were talking about the football. The fact that this is the hurling thread should have given me a little clue … :open_mouth:


Same time as Dublin v Kerry. So just the loyal few hundred supporters will bother traveling to Portlaoise!


Don’t forget a full set of club fixtures precluding 100’s of lads from getting there.


Business as usual so! :persevere:


And it’s Mothers Day as well I think😀


We need a win here in the order of 10 points or so. The team should be coming together, so as a benchmark it’s important.


Not sure we need to win it by 10 points or more! But we certainly need to win it in more convincing manner than we did in Belfast relying on a last puck of the game. I will be happy leaving Portlaoise with a win where we controlled the final 15 minutes.


Remains to be seen who Gilroy selects, so far he has has tended to throw at least one person in for their first run of the year in each game. Or will be go for his stronger 15 as is now, when we really need a win?


I think he will throw out his best 15 for the exact reason you stated above. I would not fancy trying your best 15 the day of a relegation playoff. From what I can make out lapis only need a draw due to score difference so we need to go out and make a statement


so what is our best 15 currently available? Hard to tell i suppose when we don’t know who is injured currently.


Would the extra week be a greater benefit or hindrance ahead of this game? Would the fact of no game last week just have meant an extra 3-4 sessions of heavy work or would they have been given a chance to freshen up before the Laois game?


you’d hope they’ll be a touch fresher given the extra week and might give lads like dillon and conroy a chance to prove their fitness.


I think this game could be a close one. The way things ate going I would not be surprised if laois won. Hard to know what way Dublin will come out of this.


ah jesus if we lose to that laois team we may as well go home. they are not great at all.


They are not great for sure. But neither are we! Dublin need to show them respect they deserve. But at the same time go at them from the first whistle. If we get a good solid start apart from helping our own confidence it would sow seeds of doubt in the Laois team’s head! As I said earlier we need to make sure we dominate the final 15 mins.


it will be an interesting game as laois will feel they can win. They put it up to Offaly for a long time. fully expect Dublin to win.