2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30


The last 15 minutes will be very interesting, we have faded very badly in the last bit of every game to date. The Wexford Walsh Cup game was a complete collapse, in the Antrim game they nearly caught us, even against Galway we were close on 55 minutes but then lost the rest 0-4 to 0-0. Even in the Limerick game our sort of semi revival faded near the end. The only game we didn’t collapse in was the Offaly one where we began collapsed!

I wonder though is it because of the type of training? It is so pronounced that it looks as if there has to be a specific reason.

I could be entirely wrong here, but I thing we will be fitter and in a better place on Sunday then in any other game this year. If our forwards are along the lines of Sutcliffe, Keaney, Boland, Dillon, Winters, Whitely - or at least four of that six, we will be ok.


Agree with all that. But the game v Antrim was a little different. We were playing well enough except the referee kept blowing for daft frees against us! This allowed Antrim build up a head of steam with 5 points on the bounce. If the ref was even half decent that day we would have won much more comfortable!


Or if we had converted about 4 very scorable frees…


Sure enough if we converted the 4 easy frees coupled with the ref not having a mare of a game we would have won by the 10 points. The linesman nearest us that day was honestly shaking his head in disbelief at some of the calls that went against us!


Let’s pray to God he is not the referee in Portlaoise on Sunday!


Patrick Murphy from Carlow is reffing. Heffernan from Wexford did Antrim.


Don’t know anything about Murphy. Can’t be as bad as Heffernan. By the way I spent last couple of weeks eradicating Heffernan from my brain. Now you have gone and brought the whole trauma back to life! :slight_smile:


Ok sorry - but just think Kevin and all will be ok …




If we win, we’re probably looking at the winner of Kilkenny v Wexford on paddies weekend?


I read that as “paddles weekend” at first… I thought it was one of @MrBlue’s S&M themed weekends away.


In the unfortunate event that we lose v Laois on Sunday we play Antrim in relegation playoff. In the rescheduled fixture list there is no meantion of this game! I assume it’s also being played 17/18th. Or are we just ignoring this game in the hope that it might just go away!


its the same day as the QF’s - whenever that is.


It’s 17/18th so!




Les than an hour till team is announced. Very interesting to see if we’re still in experimental mode or we’re getting more serious.


Need to be serious for this one! Win it and we can experiment away in 1/4 final.



That team should be strong enough to beat Laois!


Same Team who did well against Galway - bar Johnny McCaffrey in for Darren Kelly & Donal Burke for Paul Crummey. Assuming Dillon is still injured ?