2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30


Yeah Dillon is injured.
Don’t think the team has been too different in the majority of league games really.


Bookies predicting Dublin by 5. Hard to disagree.


It’s an ok team for what it is, but I would think a championship team would include at least 5 Cuala lads, Rushe, Boland, Dillon, maybe Conroy, maybe Whitely, maybe one or two of the older lads who are working there way back. So theoretically that team listed might only have four or five of the championship team. And to be honest, that would be necessary as this is the basis of the team that has had a piss poor league to date. That’s ok if this team is mainly about finding a few lads and not being the basis of the full team.


Trollier has a dead leg, hasn’t he? They can take a while if it’s severe enough!


Yeah saw something on the tweet machine he put up indicating that alright.


Burke needs to show he is ready for this level now. He’s had a very quiet league campaign to date.


Of that team I can see 9 starting against Kilkenny:

1 Nolan
2 Smyth
4 O’Donnell
5 Barrett
6 Crummey
8 Connolly
10 Keaney
11 Sutcliffe
13 Burke


I can see Smith starting too, but I can see challengers for the spot. I can see Burke starting also, they seem to like him, but I haven’t really seen him show it yet.

But if you are correct with the 9, Rushe might be in trouble…


Think a lot depends on who from Cuala come back into the squad. Hopefully we see everyone available.
If so I’d put O’Callaghan, Paul Schutte and Moran in which is half the defence straight away.
Would still have Rushe in the team somewhere.
Forwards not as straight forward. Hopefully Mark Schutte will be around. You would prob put Treacy in as well. Not because he has been exactly ripping it up at county level lately but I don’t think we currently have 6 forwards better then him.
Wonder what the story is with Dunkin. He was a player I’d have starting every time. Could play in midfield.
Also very surprised Paul Ryan hadn’t got more then one start so far in the league.


Agree about Paul Ryan. But possible he may be carrying an injury!


Cronin is a big one. He’s be a serious addition. Sean Tracy? He was very good in the corner for the u21s the other year.


Yeah he very well could be alright. The injury updates from the squad are non existent.


Don’t know how I forgot Cronin. Yeah if he can continue his club form you would have a place for him on team as well.


Be shocked yo see Paul Schutte there this year. Having such a battle to make Paddys day would not look like preparation for a hard intercounty season


I would be seriously worried if we don’t get Boland, Conroy and McBride (Rian) to come through this year. It is bad enough losing our best minors to football, but when you have three year minors (Boland and Conroy) and a two year, McBride, not coming through, it would be a bigger problem. All three were among the best minors in the country in their time.

Injuries have held the three of them back, which is a really unlucky coincidence, but they need to be given every chance now to push on.


Ah yeah am sure you are right. Was mainly just basing it on a best case scenario if everyone fully fit.


O Callaghan at 3. Danny to 12 and Cronin at 11.


Agree with that would have high hopes for all three.


Any subs?


Wouldn’t expect to see a list of subs until match programme becomes available! Unless someone on here has inside information?