2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30




Now that’s what I call Inside information! :grinning:


Why is That?


Have no idea why myself. It would be good to have some communication from management in regards to injuries. Would stop us guessing players status for a start as well!!


Even just listing the panel on the Dublin website would be good. But in fairness it probably isn’t finalized yet.


Its hard to know what to think and becoming a little boring to follow. No information at all is coming out, were playing awful stuff and the guts of the same team seems to be playing every week. We have probably 2 games left before championship I hope im wrong but i cant see the team changing much.


it seems a little all over the place


Could well be a dummy team but who knows at this stage


With the 5 Cuala lads not available. this team is probably not to far off our best at present. Then if you couple in the few injuries I don’t think this is actually a dummy team. Well with the possible exception of Rushe starting somewhere in that 15.


That’s my worry, we are running out of time now to get lads a good chunk of competitive game time and I really don’t think the team will change that much at all bar possibly 3/4 players coming in.

As for the team this weekend, again I can’t see where the scores from play are going to come from and midfield is a slight worry as neither have much experience there.


1 to 7 is getting bags of playing time together! I do understand that will not be the starting 1 to 7 come championship. But there is little management can actually do became of the successful run by Cuala. At least they are sticking with more or less the same defenders since the league started. Midfield is a worry. But again O Connell and maybe Malone are club tied right now. Ball winners in half forwards are missing Conin. So we can only use what’s available. It hasn’t helped our league campaign. But things will improve once we get a full hand to play with!


That’s probably bcoz it is all over the place !!!.. just look at what gilroy inherited , a complete and utter mess n cuala success …

Staying up and getting progressively better is all I’m hoping for at this stage … this is a complete revamp in every respect on n off the pitch so I only expect real results in year 3


I wasn’t having a go at management, it’s very little they can do about Cuala and the injured players.

My point is I can’t see the team changing a whole lot come championship. There’s some players like Rushe, Dillon etc that need game time at this level to bring them up to pace and to get match fit so i can’t see Gilroy sticking them into the side come the Summer with little game under their belt.


That’s the thing. Injuries, cuala and to a lesser extent college involvement hasn’t helped much. Other than the cuala lads I think Rushe, Dillon, McBride, Conroy and Boland need games. Where’s Cian O’Sullivan? Shane Durkin? Assume they’re injured. Good to see Hayes get another chance.

Gilroy said at the outset he’d let lads get over any little knocks they had, which is good, but we are running out of time now. No one can say he hasn’t given lots of players a chance. Just some have done well and disappear, others do well and get another chance. Assume he’s basing it on form in training?


It’s desperately hard to read Gilroy’s thinking and after the last three years, we could be forgiven for being a bit anxious. I understand the need to try many lads. I recognise that we have loads of work to do in the physical stakes. I just have one area where I would like to see a clear plan- winning ball from puckouts. If I could work out what they were at, if I could see a plan or a pattern, I could reduce down my meds or even get off them altogether! How likely is that though?


Very impresssd with the attitude of Hayes the last day! Every time he got on the ball he ran at the Galway defence. Great to see him get another chance v Laois tomorrow.


You forget that Ger Cunningham had the same problem with the Cuala players last year but kept the team competitive in Div. 1a. We’re not even competitive now in Div. 1b & thats with most of the so called superstars, who left under Ger, having returned.
What Gilroy inherited was the ideal situation for a new manager coming in, surly he couldn’t do any worse than the previous regime, the only way was up & all that…


Competitive is stretching it.


Last years league results:

Dublin 1-08 Tipp 1-24
Dublin 2-19 Cork 1-14
Dublin 1-17 Waterford 2-19
Dublin 1-15 Clare 0-20
Dublin 1-16 Kilkenny 2-20

Relegation play off:
Dublin 0-19 Clare 3-18

Apart from Tipp we were pretty competitive.

This year so far:

Dublin 1-15 OFFALY 2-25
Dublin 0-22 Antrim 0-23
Dublin 0-17 Limerick 1-26
Dublin 1-14 Galway 1-20


Your point has validity, I didn’t expect us to lose three games in 1B. But I think we have to factor in whatever agenda Gilroy is working to. He might be concentrating on deepening the squad or he might have the guys working on building themselves up physically. I suspect (hope) there is more going on here then just trying to put the best team out to win games.

I wouldn’t be concerned particularly about this year, in league or championship. The real test will be next year where he will have to brought the team on a couple of levels. He is on a three year term with the stated intention of making us a top 4 team. If in doing that we need to slip a bit in year 1, it would be understandable I think.