2018 NHL1B Round 5 - Laois v Dublin: Portlaoise, Sun, 11 Mar 14:30


The three years under Ger is a red herring. First year was fine. Second year things started to go pear shaped but it was only in the last year of the three were it got really bad. And at that, it was in championship it fell apart. Dublin were very competitive in league and championship for most of Ger Cunningham reign.


I think we’re forgetting that Offaly, Antrim, Limerick have been in a rebuilding stage for some years now. And to expect us to have a handy win and go straight back into 1b is a bit naive .We’ve been rebuilding from before Christmas. From what I’ve heard Clubs got a mail from DCB to send out players they thought could make a challenge for a place in the panel.
To judge those players based on 6 games is incredible imo. Mahon, Hayes, O’Carroll etc, I believe have stepped up to the plate, what a we expecting after such a short time, a handful of Joe Cannings, would we have discovered these players under previous Management. This will take minimum of 18 months, and anyone that thinks differently, well maybe they need to find another bandwagon to jump onto.
Give them a chance, if we don’t start to show some belief in these players, how will that make the players believe.


Maybe we could be jumping the gun a bit and when the ground hardens we will be in better shape etc but it would be nice to at least give some information to the fans. At the end of the day its about promoting the game here so young people will wanna play it and interest is created.


We’re collateral damage of the ridiculously childish spat between the GAA and the media.


The Cork game away and the first Clare game and at a stretch the relegation play off but never in any of the other games did we look competitive.


Relative to the opposition we’re playing there’s no doubt we were in a far better place competitiveness wise this time last year.


I agree to an extent but it works both ways, they’ve to show us something too to believe in them.
Like the skill level, touch and striking is no where near the level we need to be at and people can make all the excuses of that these lads won’t be playing come Summer etc but that’s paperimg over the cracks.
The game plan of even setting up on puck outs offensively and defensively and retaining possession has been poor.
I will give them all time as it’s not an easy job ahead of them but as I say they need to be showing us something too and not throw in the towel as easy as they have in some games.


Thought we lived with Galway for long periods the last day. Much more aggression to our game than in previous games!


Offaly are in the middle of rebuilding after Kevin Ryan and Kelly left them



Didn’t make it down. Is anyone there to put up the score? 2.30. Armageddon.


Rushe not in subs


Gray and Costello starting according to announcer, seems to be for Connolly and McGibb.


Cillian Costello in instead of Tomo Connolly.


And Gray in too I think?


I’m not down there due to club match this morning but got a text about the change.

I think if Daire Grey starts this would be the ideal game for him as he’s another option on puckouts.


Gray wearing 8, but in the subs.

Shocking goal miss from Winters.


Keep updates lads please. Working.