2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Couldn’t believe it when i was watching it , maybe that’s just him but he seem to take particular delight reviewing that game .


absolutely not,


How the brother for an All Star is beyond me. And Tom Parsons didn’t …


Any reason why?


You’ve watched over and over a game that we won right at the death . Yet you reckon Mayo were shite .
Did you feel during the game that Mayo were shite and we would win easily.


Be it Kerry mayo tyrone or any one else, I dont have a slight whatever that is against anyteam we’r just a far superior team/ panel to anyone the last few years


Honestly I was never in doubt, even in the 9th minute of injury time, when scully broke away with the ball and passed it to brogan, that was another definite score, quite possibly a goal, but the whistle was blew so it could be just kept to 1 point, every team plays their best in an AIF mayo are no different, its the last game of the year, but they were blessed to get there


he was unbelievable


That is a fact in fairness


I reminded of that old saying about the stopped clock…


go raibh maith agat, that’s all I was saying,


Telling you that he is a much bigger guy than Higgins and he is listed at 5/11 in all match programmes


Your comments read like one of a league of Ireland fan who goes to an odd Dublin match and suddenly becomes an expert.

The only aif we’ve been ‘far superior’ in was the 2016 one in the rain against Kerry


That was 2015 @Brogan:smirk:


Nightmare haha


And even then, we only won by three points. We should have won by a lot more. I think the weather saved Kerry that day from a bigger beating.


In the rain in 2016 against Kerry, I think ye better check your dates lad, 2015 if I recall, a game we should have won by at least 7/8 points, but the days of slaughtering teams by massive scores are few and far between in AIF’s. even against mayo. But this Dublin team are due a big win in an AIF, read the comment again as I said far superior in the last few years ,.As for the league of Ireland, i’d sooner be out in malahide watching the cricket with YOU than look at that muck, as i’d say that’s where ye were all week rather than getting your dates right. With regard to goin to the odd Dublin match , im goin to Dublin matches since the 70’s everywhere, all over, but I must have a long way to go to become an expert like you, or like you claim I am. mayo have some great individual players but as a team its just not happening and by the looks of things its not going to. Now whether you want to take that as fact or not i’ll leave that up to you Up The Dubs


It’s not going to happen for them now that’s probably right. I think the problem is you said they were shite . Shite teams don t get to 4 all Ireland finals and obliterate provincial opposition 5 years in a row-looks a better achievement now considering they are struggling in Connacht now. Perhaps you could say they re a good team not a great team like eamo says.


If every team plays their best in All-I finals,… and if Mayo are shite,… and Dublin are great,…ehhhhhhhh, I’m lost!


ok to answer them last 2 posts their a good team, but their still shite and Dublin are a GREAT team