2018 SFC - Connacht Championship




They are indeed.


Lots to debate there . And we enter the realms of “what if” . If they had of won the first final in '16 the monkey would have been off the back . The pressure would have been off to win one . I think these narrow losses have had a major psychological effect on the team . Had Vaughan not got sent off last year we would have really been up against it so in an alternate reality they could have been going for 3 in a row this year .
Except for bad luck theyd have no luck at all .
They are a good team , there’s no debate there .Had they won the last two , they would have been a great team .


They probably used it all up on the way there because they had no shortage throughout the Summer


The biggest difference, for me, is that the key players on the Dublin team have stepped up at the death to close out the really tight games, making generally the right decisions. Flynner, Cluxton, DC, Deano, Kilkenny (to name but a few)… the ability that these players have to hold their nerve has been (sadly for Mayo) in the Mayo team. I believe this to the extent that even if Vaughan didn’t have his brain-fart moment, Dublin probably had the self-assurance and confidence to the right things at the right times.


I cannot understand how they consistently run us so close. In some ways it is to be admired in other ways you’d wonder how that they be so consistently poor and ordinary against other opposition - often weak opposition. Why is it that they only raise their A game for us? A fault in itself surely.

I have consistently said they have 5/6 players that wouldn’t make our panel and are simply not good enough to win an All Ireland - that has been proven. A number of others who wouldn’t make our XV. That is still the case - probably more so this year due to age and injury.


Id have no issues had we lost the first final in '16 . Very flat performance . Its true they rode their luck getting to the final last year but when its really counted , luck has desserted them .
Add to that their poor decision making . That Clarke kickout was inexcusable . I firmly believe had they won their kickout , enough time would have been added to engineer a score .Same as the 16 replay , Deegan did everything in his power to allow time for a score until we retained possession & the game was up for Mayo .
They have been the architects of their own misfortune . One if these days we won’t get the decisions to go for us , god forbid that’s against them in a final .


Its a lack of respect right there . We have great forwards , they have great backs . They have alot of fine players & some so so players .But those so so players always up their game against us .
Why , because they feel they are good enough . Theyll feel they just a kick of a ball or missed free from winning the three AI finals between us.@mayoman might have different opinions on this but from all my dealings with Mayo fans & family out west , they always believe they have the beating of this Dublin team . Each loss each year gets deleted & they think they are world beaters .
I commend them for that because it must be the only thing bringing them back each year , that hope that will not die .


And that is the nub of it - consistently. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result … it’s madness. [To parphrase Einstein badly].

Which is why I can’t understand the lack of real critical appraisal of this team and management from pundits and fans alike. If it was Dublin they’d be getting hammered … and not unreasonably.


I cannot understand why you keep asking this question. They did enough to win the games through each of the last two qualifiers, albeit too close to the wind last year (though you could say the same about Dublin in many of the major games), and saved their best for when they really needed to produce it. What’s difficult to understand about that?




It’s nothing to do with a lack of respect. I have respect for their defenders in the main. I simply don’t rate either O’Se much, neither of the O’Connors, Doherty, Loftus and McLoughlin can’t kick a free from 20 metres


So you respect their defenders but it stops there .
You ask why they consistently run us close . This is the best Dublin team of all time yet WE consistently stuggle against them but do enough to get over the line .They must be doing something right for that to happen . If their forwards arent great how come theyve only lost by a point each year . I will say they are blessed to have Keegan who has chipped in a couple of goals / points in AI finals .
My opinion is they dont have the bottle when the game is in the melting pot. How they fix that , i dont know .But we had been accused of that for years before we changed that in '11.


You’re using the word respect - I’d prefer rate. How many of their forwards would start for Dublin in your opinion


Id have none of them. We go on & on about C O C and the likes but they have delivered up to the finals .
Andy is a fine player , hed be a great sub to bring on for us .
Wed be talking alot differently had they won 1 or 2 AIs .Had C o c pointed that free in the replay in '16 we would have been under huge pressure to win our kickout . I think we stole a draw in the first game . They just cant deliver against us when the pressure is on .But one of these days they might & we will be the team having the off day , ala '14.


I don’t either. But its nearly a killing offence to say it out loud. Better players have been vilified for less. The lad has diplomatic immunity when it comes to criticism. Still I appreciate he is important to Mayo fans and probably to his team.


Glad you cleared that up.


Entitled to your opinion, but i dont think the word shite is relevant to this Mayo group. They
Bullied Kerry out of it last year. They could well be on a downward slope now , but after Roscommon put 2 goals last them last year I thought the same. Yes they were lucky in some games last year , but they keep coming back . A shite team wouldn’t be able to do that year
after year. I’d say this is Mayos best team ever ,
Just happens that this Dublin team is something special and better.


I agree with yer very last sentence there, but you have your opinion and I have mine. As for only beatin them by a point in finals , its the last game of the year , the AIF for jaysus sake of course their going to up their game like everyone else, but they still cant get over the line. and if ever they had a chance to do it , it was last year, I think we put 22/23 passes together to hold on to possession, Dublin wouldn’t allow that to happen… So if its really hurtin peoples feelings about the word shite i’ll use the word crap or will that have people whinging aswell, Up The Dubs


Neither prefarably .
Neither of those terms describe a team who have pushed us to the wire in 3 finals .
If they were as you described we would have hammered them on each occasion.

Kildare are shite
Meath are shite
Not Mayo