2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


I cant believe ye said that, its un believeable the AIF for jaysus sake of course their going to up their game


How many of the Mayo backs would make the Dublin team, would any?


Leeroy would.


I think one of the reasons Mayo push is close, is also related as to why they don’t get over the line. When you play in a final you must set out you stall to win, you let the opposing team worry about you rather than you worrying about them, but Mayo tend to prioritize stopping us, which is great as it keeps the game close, but in doing so they make switches and don’t take risks, remember them leaving one their best players marking a one legged O Gara or their obsession with marking Connolly.
As regards them being sh…, that is the equivalent of saying any team that has never won the All Ireland is sh…, they are no doubt the best team that has never won an All Ireland and I would not consider our teams from 96 to 2010 sh…


But there is general consensus that they have one good forward and one midfielder at best so how can you say that?


Taking this a step further, how many say Kerry , Tyrone and Galway players would make starting 15 for Dublin.

I’d reckon, Mattie Donnelly, maybe Peter Harte Tyrone, Comer from Galway and maybe Geaney from Dublin.


Don’t really go along with the idea of how many from one team would start in another, every team has its characteristics, clearly there are a chosen few that could play on any team, but there are also quite a few that are chosen because they are capable of fulfilling a role and that role may be surplus on another team.
I would say there were quite a few players on the Donegal team that won, that would have struggled to make it onto our team back then, but yet they were able to do the required job.


Very hard to know what players would be like in a different set up. Players from lower divisions could make it.
John Heslin is a class player who would relish being in the Dublin set up. Conor mc Manus, Keith Higgins would be an asset to Dublin, Tom Parsons also. Only mc Geaney from Kerry I’d pick , although Clifford has huge potential.
Not saying I’d start these guys but they could easily force their way into the Dublin team if they were part of the squad.


McManus would start for sure, Brendan murphy,


I’d say Higgins , Boyle :persevere:, Durkin , Leeroy & Harrison could push for starts . That’s how highly I respect , sorry , rate their defence . But of course I’d only have Leeroy in there if pushed .


Really what?




Did they raise their game in the 2006 final? Do you believe this current Mayo team is similar in ability etc to that team?


Cliford, too soon for that IMO


Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. They aim all year for one match only and they have a tremendous blinkered vision to get there and they give all they have, which isn’t enough to beat us.


True, more just saying they would be the only 2 I’d take :grin:


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