2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Has he transferred? Spillane will have a coronary.


The irony.


To my mind, a fit Michael Murphy would start for any team. The same for Conor McManus and I’d think hard about Paul Geaney and Ryan Mchugh. I think that David Moran would have a a good chance of a start for fifty minutes or so depending on the opposition. Leeroy is an obvious candidate, but who do you leave out?


It’s almost impossible to judge who, if anyone, from other counties would make the current Dublin team. Perhaps a more realistic way of looking at it would be to ask how many of them would have made our team or squad if they had been involved in the Dublin system of development squads up to senior football, or how many of our newer players such as Lowdnes, Scully or Howard for example would have thrived to the extent that they have if they were in the likes of Kildare or Cork.


Dublin v Mayo 2016 on Eir 1 now.


None of the above players mentioned would start for Dublin because they are all Culchies…
Having said that, plenty are fine footballers but I for one would rather stick with what we have.
Ours have proven to be exceptional. Happy Days!!
.If pushed Leeroy would be my only panellist. Class player. Especially for a Cavan man!
Heard him on the wireless during the week. Still has a bit of the oul Cavan twang.
Serious footballer.


McBrearty all the way for one. Alot of this sort of talk is very arbitrary, many players would present differently within a different structure, team, set-up, with a different set of coaches etc etc. Some better, some worse, some the same. Murphy and McBrearty are undeniably very very talented, that I think is without argument.


If you went outside the county & polled them on who would they take over the starting 15 of dublin with players from outside youd get a very different team .
Id say Fitzy , Small & Scully wouldn’t be rated as highly as we rate them . I’d also say there would be ommisions for Philly & Cooper because people outside of Dublin dont like them .
Im always seeing stuff where Kilkenny is seriously overrated .

It would be interesting for the likes of @upthedall , @Rufus_T_Firefly & @mayoman to give an honest appraisal who would make the dublin 15 from players ourside , its hard here with blue tinted glasses on .


Still quite early days with Scully, like all players under Gavin he’s carrying out a role and from what I’ve seen the younger lads apart perhaps from Con, who is pretty unique, have to stick to their role. He may yet emerge as something greater on an individual level, as Dean Rock has done.

Anyone who underrated the ability and performance levels of Cooper or CK hasn’t much of a clue, Johnny is already one of the greatest corner backs to ever play, and I’d say Ciarán will go down as an all-time great eventually. He’s not quite as talented as a Michael Murphy perhaps, though not far off, and his quality of performance is consistently brilliant. His one weakness is defending. I think if he gets a more fully attacking role for a while people will appreciate his talents more again.

Philly has been one of our 5 or 6 most important players, and his adaptability is part of his greatness, considering what he has done since Rory left. He is the sort of player every team would want for several reasons.

Whether people outside do or don’t like a player is of no relevance. And there were lots of players rubbished down the years who could have been seen in a different light if they were on a winning team and getting the best out of themselves.


Well , yeah it is , because it clouds their judgement . We’ve had plenty of discussion here about who would make the dublin team from the mayo panel .Big Aido gets hammered but if he was under the tutelage of Gavin he’d defo be a starter for us . I’d have him in midfield with Fenton any day of the week . And i think the O’Connors would be better if they were in the dublin setup . Im not fan of either but that’s only because of their otb shite . And i mentioned 5 of their defenders who would push ours for a start .


I said that in my post too about players being in a different set-up.
As for ‘liking’ a player, that’s why I say it’s irrelevant, because we’re talking about ability, performance, effectiveness, getting the best out of yourself, team, manager, coaches etc etc.

I disregard probably most comments here about players’ ability, and alot of comments about performance, because they are quite clearly biased one way or another. Most people outside Dublin didn’t rate any of our players except the Brogans and Whelo (who was nonetheless always described as ‘going missing’, and not able for 70 minutes by outsiders) prior to us winning All-Irelands, which says alot.

Another factor for example is the ‘stand-out’ or ‘sympathy vote’ thing, where if a player in a weaker team (except if it’s a weaker era Dublin or Kerry player) stands out as having alot more ability than all his team-mates, he’s rated as great, where if he was of the same ability in a much better team, he might well not be. Part of that is the fact that some players revel in the very individual, leadership, main score-getter, main playmaker roles as there is nobody on their team challenging them and they play from a place of ‘having to do it all’ for their team. They are inspired by their circumstances.

McCauley wasn’t rated for a long time by outsiders even though it was clear to most of us he plays/played a vital part in our success, and after a leaner period for him individually, people are once again recognising he has certain great abilities whilst also lacks in certain basic skills, compared to alot of players at this level. But his effectiveness is generally outstanding, as is his leadership.

The Dublin team of the 70s for a long time had very few players rated as great. I believe to this day some of that was purely down to bias but it’s also true that many of them did not match up in basic skills against what was, everyone agreed, the greatest bunch of players of all time in Kerry.
Mullins for me is a true great but for a long time didn’t get that recognition because he was disliked outside Dublin, and perceived as ‘dirty’. Also his large frame never made him look like a silky skilled player.


What makes him a Cavan man?


Think he lived there till he was 9 or 10. Born in Mayo though


He did but that is a tenuous link!! :roll_eyes:


Not saying its not!


That wasn’t my quote up there, it was Suarez I think.
But yes it’s impossible to know who would make it on Dublin team . Also if Dublin lads were on a weak county team we might not rate them as highly , especially defenders, because chances are they would be on the end of big losing scores.
Forwards are possibly easier to spot.

Although for me Dublins greatest strength is having a bit of everything and never say die attitude, We don’t need to have the best 15 footballers. Just a good percentage of the 15 to show up when needed in big games.
We we thankfully get.


Couldn’t see the o Connors getting near the Dublin set up.


It’s a pointless exercise…why would dublin take ANY player in? Ye are winning as it is. I do sense Dublin fans like lee Keegan (GPS aside) and would have him in the Dublin team. That’s it though.


Parsons and Higgins too,

You don’t know yer arse from your elbow if the thought of Fenton and Parsons in midfield doesn’t make you leak a bit of sex wee.


A player like Parsons is always handy to have around, never too spectacular but consistently does his job well. These are the sort player you need in the back bone of a team, not saying he would start for Dublin but he would get a good bit of game time, I think only now Mayo will really value his contribution.