2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


His GPS wouldn’t get near the Dublin team!!

Andy Moran, and yes people, that does include his latter years as a 50-60 minute player.

Higgins of course. Boyle. Durcan. Doherty for the subs anyway. Parsons is as good as Bastick was.


I think gavin would knock the elbows out of them . I think Diarmuids stock has dropped abit over the last couple of years . But both O’Connors have two young players of the years awards so they have put in good seasons in the past . I wouldn’t mind having either on the bench .


Parsons is a big player for Mayo, He was the reason Mayo kept coming back at us especially in 2016 final. Mayo will badly miss him for the big games this year.


McBrearty doesn’t count as he is a Dub


Disagree with you there, he is a decent player but does not hit big scores and is not a threat going forward


He is a good ball winning midfielder , who drives forward . He is usually still going when AoS goes missing. Look back at 2016 game against us and see who won balls near the end to keep Mayo in the game.
I think he will be a huge loss to Mayo.


Agree, his work rate in midfield is a huge loss to Mayo. IMO he was underused by Mayo up until then. An in fairness he’s better than the two O’Sheas put together.


He was very good against Ourselves and Kerry last year also.


Last year was Parsons’ best. He has improved hugely in the last three seasons.


Yep, deffo a late developer, he seemed to become more mobile.


Parsons was very underused in the James Horan regime. Did Horan fall out with him too or was he injured? He played with Ireland in Compromise Rules around 09 and disappeared off the scene for Mayo for a few years.


I think he may have had an injury? He also grew in confidence though as he got a bit older … and looking around him knew he’d have to work that bit harder …


Parsons is getting so good at playing he’ll be appearing at Vicar St next.


I thought Parsons lived abroad for work for a while


Was he a Pastor?


Agree that Parsons will be a massive loss to Mayo. He has mobility that no other Mayo midfielder offers. The player I admire most most Mayo is Mcloughlin. He can score. He can go past players. rarely dispossesd. intelligent decision maker.reliable temperment.good for 75 mins. master of the half foul. just dont put him on frees.reckon he could get into the dublin team-jim gavin type player. and i would have mcmanus from monaghan any day.class act.


Not a great start for Roscommon today with their u-20’s losing by 16. Lets see if they can frustrate Galway.


Gooch analysis is poor. Highlights Ciaran Murtagh scoring a point against Leitrim when it was actually his brother Diarmuid :roll_eyes:


Ah bawlocks…we gotta put up with Marty Morrissey while Daragh Moloney is away off doing the World Cup?


Last second team sheets!