2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Where in America do you get them?


The teamsheets you mean?


Galway very lethargic so far.


Roscommon will give them all they want


Super game so far. Mexico really up for it


Even that absolute bellend Willie Hegarty who does the commentry for Shannonside Radio (they always seem to be called Willie, don’t they? :crazy_face: ) would have his work cut out for him making this muck sound entertaining.


Ha !

Spoke too soon.

Well that certainly livened things up.




HT Roscommon 1-5 - 0-5 Galway

Roscommon - Diarmuid Murtagh 0-4 (0-1f), Ciaran Murtagh 1-0, Donie Smith 0-1

Galway - Shane Walsh 0-3 (0-1f), Ian Burke 0-2


A certain ex-Laois footballer who likes to talk thinks its been a great game so far if not for the wind. I’m quite dumbfounded. :roll_eyes: Think there are more goals in Roscommon though.


I’m really enjoying this game. Hon the Rossies. The two Murtagh/Smith set of brothers are on fire. Roscommon really exposing that left wing. Galway defense is too rigid, they need to abandon that marking space craic and get on men tight.


Ridiculous potshots from Roscommon. That’s 5 in a row now. They are are gonna throw this away if they dont show more composure in front of the posts.


It’s absolutely putrid stuff. Everything that’s wrong with modern football.


All level! David Murray black card 1-6 - 0-9


Good defending by Galway. Roscommon falling asunder under pressure.


Peno coming up for the Rossies…
Nailed it. Back up by 1.


Smashing peno.


Connolly would have been proud of that peno


We gots a game now.



Hon the Rossies :muscle: