2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Roscommon shooting dire. Keeping Galway in it


Yeah, 13 Roscommon wides in total. You’ll win fcuk all with piss poor shooting like that.


The head on the Roscommon keeper.


Roscommon RIP.


This is a Leinster Final 2000 style meltdown from Roscommon in the second half.


Pissed that one away


FT Galway 0-16 - 2-6 Roscommon

Roscommon - Diarmuid Murtagh 0-5 (0-2f), Ciaran Murtagh 1-0, Conor Devaney (1-0 pen), Donie Smith 0-1

Galway - Shane Walsh 0-8 (0-5f), Ian Burke 0-3, Damien Comer 0-2, Sean Kelly 0-1, Sean Armstrong 0-1, Adrian Varley 0-1


Roscommon were cat in the second half. Lost their heads, when with the wind they should have buried Galway.


Shane Walsh was immense for Galway today. Can’t stand Comor.


Yeah, he’s a fairly dislikable young pup alright. But shure every county has at least one.


Keeps galway on kerrys side of the super 8.
Any upsets in a provincial final could make one super 8 side very easy and one a group of death


God awful game. Roscommon will need a soft enough draw if the are to make the Super 8s and they will go no further than that (they didn’t even seem fit enough to last the full 70 minutes). Galway don’t seem to have stepped up from their league form at all, I feel reports of them being All-Ireland contenders are greatly exaggerated.


With Mayo, Monaghan and Tyrone all in the qualifier draw, I think where they wind up will determine which Super 8 group is the toughtest, more than the provincial finals will. Fermanagh may upset Donegal, but can’t really see Dublin or Kerry losing their respective finals.


Roscommon didn’t score from play in second half. Tom Flynn, Shane Walsh and Seanie Armstrong coming off the bench had great games today for Galway.


For the craic so we should concede the Leinster final to Laois :grinning:


Jayus , that was some speech by Comer…that we never got to hear


Your asking for that post to get marked.


Be thankful.


It would be lovely for Fermanagh to win. They are one of only 2 counties not to win a Provincial, Cill Mhantain being the other. However Dun na nGall have been very impressive so far and it’s hard to see them lose.

No chance of Dubs losing.

Chiarrai should win but would not be a huge shock were Cork to do it in Stade de Frank


Would cause convulsions for the other counties in that Super 8 group. Anything to liven up what has been a brutal championship so far.