2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Championship will liven up at Super8 stage … we all know that by now. A group of say Dubs, Dun na nGall, Corcaigh and Mayo would be very interesting.


There have been some decent games. Its just they’ve haven’t been on tv because RTE wants to show almost every hurling match.


True enough but standard overall never mind defensive approach is awful to watch. By contrast outside of Clare v Lim today the hurling has been streets ahead.


Defensive approach is still what hurts it most though. This is why I encourage people to watch ladies football. The balance is much better even if the players can’t kick the ball as far.


Do the Americans like the ladies football? They do?


Most Americans don’t even know what GAA that aren’t expats obviously.


Thought the 2nd half was a decent affair Galway did well in fairness…dont get the dislike of Comer I think he’s a class act enjoy watching him was well watched today but still was effective at the end of the game


Has more than a bit of the gurrier in him. His carry-on again Mayo was hilarious. But every team has one etc etc etc blah blah blah…


I was there…delighted with the win. Some good forwards coming through.


Comer is a great bit of stuff really. Came up trumps near the end. Gaillimh are a serious team and will be a major threat in Super8


He has a lot of potential, but is probably being a bit overhyped at the moment. I know a lot of people talking him up for poty, but he wasn’t even close to all star standard today. He also gets away with a lot of fouling, but that is the case with a lot of forwards. Most full backs would have been booked much earlier for carrying out the same fouls he did.


I see there’s a Claremorris man who scored a goal today.


Which people are these ?


Corner forward Walsh a bigger threat. In fairness to Comer the ball into him most of the game was woeful.


It was a poor advertisement for Gaelic Football.


Jesus. How much Soul-Glo does Tom Parsons have in his hair?


As for the tie Tomas - it’s either on or off … not both.


I think it’s 5/6 games you need to play to win Leinster with group stages, then quarters, then semi’s, then final. Had a quick look at Connacht, were Galway knocked out after 1 game and mayo beat only Leitrim to get to Connacht final v Rossies, or is their more to Connacht championship.


No at under 20 level only provincial winners progress to all ireland semi finals.


Only one Mayo player on the Connacht team of the Championship :open_mouth: