2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


Wait for the All Stars …


The group, quarter and semi’s and final I refer to, is in the Leinster competition (5/6 games) .


And Footballer Of The Year. :roll_eyes:


Just people I would be talking to in IRL (non-Dubs), I don’t agree with them, but after the league several were talking about him being the best player around.


I agree, but sadly actual analysis rarely comes into Gaelic games. It’s all about passion, or whichever team/player is talking to the media regularly.


No doubting his talent but he was fairly anonymous against us after about 20 minutes (league final ) , which i found surprising considering the damage he was doing .As bad as Roscommon were today they still could have beaten Galway. Walsh was very good . Maybe one of them will win YPOTY but i think the jury is still out on Galway.


For a so called defensive side they gave up a lot of chances against a fairly tame Rossie forward line. Watched the full game back (wish I hadn’t) and thought both sides looked very leggy for this time of the year. Galway could struggle for fitness in the super 8s.


I was really surprised by how off the pace several of the Roscommon players were in the last 10-15 minuets. They were clearly struggling to make runs or track their men. Hard to see them lasting in the Super 8s.


Roscommon have only played one game since the Div 2 final in early April. And that was against Leitrim (I think) so it’s not hard to see why they were a bit flat today, especially in the 2nd half, when the going got tough.


All stars and x factor for the Peoples Champions, RTE jobs for the Ciarrai boys and AI’s for the Dubs. Its unfair but what can you do.


Oh ok than yeah Dublin and Meath won their groups so they go straight to the semis. Leinster is the only province at u-20 to adopt a group stage.


They are still better than anything in Ulster IMO


Leinster semi’s you mean. You have the knowledge my questions regarding Connacht u20s are they correct ?


I like Comer, reminds me of Whelo in his earlier years. He’s not going to dominate every 70 minutes, especially given his style of play. His biggest issue is so much is expected of him every game now, the question is how well Galway manage their tactics to get their other forwards more involved/get the balance right, and do they have enough quality there.

They frustrated Ros today with their defense, all those wides are very typically symptomatic of teams playing against good blanket/swarm defense.


Yeah leinster semi’s. There are 2 A groups where the winners go straight to the leinster semis
and runner-up go to the quarter and than a 3 team B group where the top 2 will face the runners-up in the a groups in the quarter finals.


Yeah that’s what I thought, was comparing the run the Leinster teams have to undertake compared to Connacht. Were Galway knocked out of Connacht after 1 game, did mayo play 2 games to win Connacht ( Leitrim and Roscommon). Seems if true, to make an u20 Connacht title a little light in form of a competition no?


Comer is a very good player but think probably more suited to centre/wing forward. When ball was kicked into him in first half half against Mayo he destroyed them. The supply of ball into him today particularly in first half was dreadful.


Credit to opposition for targetting that too


Its up to each provincial board I suppose.


I doubt we will meet Galway at any stage. They are mediocre enough as they are shackled to a bullshit defensive set up. Perhaps it’s their masterplan to lull the rest into ambivalence and then “unleash the hyndes” . They have a multitude of very talented footballers who are being stymied by Nordie defensive shite. Serves them right… Their Hurlers don’t have such shackles and probably the reason they win the All Ireland again.
Galway footballers won’t win the All-Ireland in 2018.