2018 SFC - Connacht Championship


I watched the match live earlier for my sins. I just watched the TSG and sweet jesus Marty is beyond woeful. Cringeworthy.


Found the game far more entertaining than Dublin v Wicklow or Kerry v Clare. Galway kicked 16 points again yesterday. Bad in first half and excellent in second. Dont think anyone has been talking about them being all Ireland Champs.


In fairness that wouldn’t be hard…


I’m not dismissing what you are saying but I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I’d be very interested to see how they go against a team like Donegal, who would appear to have come on significantly over the last twelve months. Furthermore, if Tyrone and Monaghan can recover from their defeats and build momentum going into the Super 8s, then I’d be fascinated with their potential match ups with Galway.

Time will tell, but if you prove to be right and they are better than those three, then I’d have them on a par with Kerry as Dublin’s nearest challengers.


Yes…Conor Diskin. Good player.


Connacht is straight knockout. For a province with only 5 counties there should be a round robin system like in Leinster which has many more counties


I would agree, more games would possibly stand to them down the road. So did Galway u20s get knocked out after 1 game and is that their champo over


I wouldn’t. Not until they have put together decent back to back games, against decent opposition. They have a bad habit of crashing & burning in the immediate aftermath of a big win.

Then there is the small matter of their winning record - or lack thereof - in Croker. Until they put one of those hoodoos to bed, the jury is still out for me.


Yes, you lose and your out. Harsh really because how do you develop players then at intwrciunty standard?

We have a decent side at u20 level this year…10 of our starters have All Ireland medals with their club/schools.


Quite a few Westport players from that all ireland intermediate club champions team in 2016-17.


Now, now…we don’t tolerate personal abuse of Mayo players around here. Even the ones from Westport. :wink:


Well to be fair PD, the scenario that I outlined - proving to be better than Donegal, Tyrone and Monaghan - would almost certainly tick the two boxes that is your bottom line, i.e. overcoming decent opposition and doing so in Croke Park, as it would be likely to be in the confines of a Super 8 and beyond.


Would have to agree, a missed opportunity potentially.


I can’t see Galway competing for anything. They’ll never get enough scores against the better teams come the super8.


I thought Roscommon shot themselves in the foot yesterday. They were 1-5 to 4 up at one stage and Galway were maintaining 14 men behind the ball in their own half. All Roscommon had to do was stay in their own half with the ball and play it around between three or four of their players and wait for Galway to break ranks and come out to them and then use the space to go on the attack, instead they took the ball into contact and turned it over too often or where driven out wide and chose to take on unrealistic shots. A bit of composure and they would have won that game IMO.
Shane Walsh is a joy to watch on the football pitch.


Implosion & Roscommon go hand in hand , trust me…


I reckon that if Galway meet Mayo later, when it actually matters, they’ll find out what championship football is all about. Galway have some nice footballers, but that system doesn’t allow for expression (as Jim might say).


Can’t wait to meet them in Croke Park. They have only ever lost to us in Croke Park and I don’t see them beating us there.

(If Mayo get that far).


Who are the better teams apart from Dublin?


There is a few grammatical challenges in those sentences there. Essentially you think mayo will beat Galway in Croker.