2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


Poor Ewan is having a bad weekend. Chin up pal. Can always just right another nonsensical, vitriolic, anti dub piece with made up figures to distract from your counties latest embarrassment


Bet Spewan won’t even mention Kildare game, when Dubs beat Wicklow by Cricket score it’ll be all about the money etc…


Mordor down to 14

Shane McEntee sent off


Longford winning by 5 and Meath down to 14 men. It could be a great day.


He was up for Carlow according to his Twitter :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Spewan should do a rant on the money poaref into Carlow ???

I see longFord best Meath


kildare and meath gone… wow it’s going to make for a boring leinster championship…


Well done Longford.

Spewan should be wondering why Meath and Kildare can’t even string a few competent performances together, never mind challenging Dublin.


As I said at the beginning of this thread, the likes of Meath Kildare etc deserve zero respect. They’re a complete and utter disgrace each of them. They should be hammered in every paper and podcast show for weeks. Jokeshop the pair of them


Yep. But it’s much easier for him to bitch and whinge about Dublin instead of doing some work for once and finding out why Meath and Kildare are being outplayed by Carlow and Longford


Couldn’t agree more.

This is a black and shameful day for Leinster football. Neither of those victories had anything to do with financial doping. Pure and utter incompetence at every level in both counties.


And they weren’t even stung by last minute comebacks or any excuses. Both were behind all the way through in both games. I was laughing earlier but I’m actually angry at the state of Leinster. How fucking dare anyone from either of Kildare or Meath pass comment on Dublin. They haven’t earned the right to even mention our name let alone share a pitch with us. Disgraceful


At family do. No WiFi.

Did Carlow really bate Kildare?

Seriously like ??? :joy: :joy: :joy:


Holy moly…and Meath got bate today too?

If Carlsberg did weekends…


Split Longford and Carlow in 2?


Are @ProudDub and @Wifi family? :wink:


Combine Kildare and Meath.
They’d be doubly bad.


Wicklow get an easy ride on this one, with their population they should be better too


Correct. Instead of complaining about them not being allowed play in Aughrim the discussion should be why are you bottom of division 4 and have a stadium that can hold 8k. Pathetic.


Would Wicklow not be better suited in having a stadium in Arklow or Wicklow Town ?