2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


Sued for what? Having an opinion on something that happens on a pitch?


Go#€&ing ireland player sues pundit defamation doesn’t yield many relevant results so dubintipp is probably right


Well considering the libel laws in Ireland I think calling someone a coward on national television would certainly be something that could get you into trouble, depending on the circumstances.

RTE have been in a bit of trouble lately. Couldn’t imagine they’d be too happy at a pundit coming on every week and having a go at players in the way described.


yeah. i can “sue” you for anything - as they say paper never refuses ink. Its highly unlikely a solicitor would advise someone to, though, given that you need proof to win and if you lose you get stuck with the costs of the action. Also equally unlikely a barrister would draft any such proceedings, but a lay litigant can do anything. You’d be surprised the lunacy that gets issued, not to mention long rambling affidavits (a bit like this post).


at worst its vulgar abuse, which is not defamatory. any analyst on a sports show would be entitled to a defence of Qualified Privilege as well under the Defamation Act. There is also the question of the footage being shown to a jury or judge if the matter came to trial and the question being put.

The fact that RTE caved into certain people over the pantigate thing isnt a precedent, it was craven and cowardly. I’d certainly have defended that one.


Every high tackle in Rugby
Every potential leg breaker tackle in football
Every spitting or biting incident and so on…

They are all called out in public for what they are and people provide their opinion without a second thought. Every week of every season. Clearly there is no concern of legal proceedings either based on your own belief that it wouldn’t be pursued by the legal professions or that I don’t believe you could be sued for providing your opinion on something of fact.

There is a clear distinction in all that and what Dunphy did on RTE years ago whereby he named the journalist and said “he had left his wife and kids to run off with a young one”, that is the clear distinction whereby I could see somebody being sued for saying something like that on TV.


Anyway in other news… someone this morning told me Carlow were 7/1 to beat Kildare yesterday. He had put a few quid on them after listening to analysis from Tomas O’Se (of all people).

As I walked in to ground for the Dubs game yesterday there was a Kildare man in front of me, he told me he came to Portlaoise to watch real football being played as he couldn’t stomach another Kildare loss. I found that amazing.


I know it’s not a precedent but the speed at which they caved would make you worry. And they’re not the only media outlet to cave in the past. There’s the reasonably well known story of an Irish Times journalist who was sued by a horse trainer/owner who wasn’t even named in the piece the journalist wrote. The Times paid up anyway as they couldn’t be sure of winning in court and it was cheaper.

All I’m saying is it’s a dangerous game to be playing.


Think people read too much into what pundits say, Id imagine when O Se said silly he was referring to it being done right in front of the ref.


Massive difference between accusing someone of carrying out a cowardly act and being a coward, albeit that in some instances, they go hand in hand.



Brolly had no problem calling Seán Kavanagh a coward and worse after his infamous 'black card’s tackle.


When you think about it, there isn’t even a combined team from the other 10 counties that would put it up to Dublin.


It especially bugs me that he has this image of ‘saying it like it really is man of the people’ and for all his great points as a player he was well-known for sticking the late funny-bone out when it suited, see footage of him in a couple of (back when the latter had a good team that really pushed the Keepers) games Vs Limerick with Kerry at their peak.


There’s another one, TOSe using (presumably) some insider trading to undermine CON and Kildare before the game, and to make himself look clever. Either that he was just stirring the pot for some personal reasons. Not classy, far from it in fact. Typical hoors of recent vintage, and in terms of public behaviour I feel both he and our old pal An Fear Laidir have now sullied the rep of their great uncle by assoc, and he has also joined the ranks of Cobber Kennelly, Sheeshan, and Dorothy as major figures who have abused the legacy of both their team and their great predecessors.


Have to say I think Tomas O’Se is one of the best commentators around. His Indo pieces are usually on the money and I think for the most part he calls things as he sees it. Far better than the older brother anyway. Yes he had a streak on the pitch to get the job done and will admit it but all great teams do.


Speaking of mouthy Kerrymen the bould Eamon Fitzmaurice is in the papers today talking about how Kerry put all their money into the players and unlike ‘other counties’ their backroom team is made up of ‘volunteers ‘. The best bit though was him stating that ‘unlike Dublin and a few others’ they don’t go spending money on the latest gasgets’!:joy::joy:

Eamon is still obviously traumatised by our use of iPads! He really needs to let that go :grinning:.

Love how wr’ve got inside their heads.


There are probably no gadgets at their €7m Centre of Excellence in Farranfore - with its 5,000 square foot gym - just footballs I’d imagine … maybe a few skipping ropes.

Nor would there be any gadgets at the new €16.5m (50% Government funded folks!) sports academy they will use in IT Tralee.


16 million will buy you a lot of footballs.


Strangely it bears a lot in common with Israels nuclear programme. We all know it exists, the media don’t mention it and it’s potential to obliterate it’s neighbours may never be realised.