2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


Odd how we don’t hear certain people screaming blue murder about this :thinking:


Says the lad who has a 350 euro iwatch. Yeah right eamon… It’s may, the sun is shining and the purest of the pure are launching their summer yerra campaign. And he is right they do put all their money into their players, take a year of star, get fit boy, it’s on us. You to Darren yer kingdom needs ya.

Lads we have been focusing to long on mayo.


Great predecessors my arse !

Who are they exactly, these white horse riding, noble champions of truth and justice, that this current crop of dirty hoors are tarnishing the legacy of?

That lot are all cut from the exact same cloth.

Just because we couldn’t access every single thought previous generations had, on our smart phones via Sunday Game gigs, social media accounts, Sindo columns & podcast appearances …that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t still be spouting the very same bigoted, blinkered Yerra shite that we have to suffer through now.


That poor mouth shite. ‘Us Kerry folk, all we have is our footballs made of twine and our wits’. Bellend.


I don’t know, I do think they had more integrity. I think the more recent lot lost the run of themselves. Maybe that’s naive. Our gang in the 70s were no angels and neither were Kerry but I think both groups were mostly decent and I just think the next generation of Kerry players didn’t learn humility.

I hope it’s not going to be like that with our next lot.


Maybe this boloxology has something to do with losing 12 in a row

Maybe still on them during the matches


I think the whole Kildare / Meath under performance is solely down to the senior team management and nothing else. They have the players to be competitive, under age has shown that. It is expensive to get a senior team to the right level, but not prohibitively so, so it’s not money. McGeeney had Kildare very close, without encountering a strong Dublin they would have done a lot more.

At this stage they have been forced into management changes they probably don’t want. But they both need a Gilroy type character to sort them out. And it could happen, they are both sleeping giants that could waken.

Having said that, Dublin are now doing something totally different. The approach is not like the GAA has seen before. I would maintain there are two or three guys in the Dublin team, who are doing really well, that other counties would not have picked. This is because other counties are looking at the wrong thing. Dublin want skill and athleticism, other counties want ‘effective’ guys. But being effective over 70 minutes, in a team context, is a different ball game entirely.


Heard this guy is pretending to be a footballer


Mr Tayto or Mickey Burke?


Are they not the same thing?


Definitely the case with Kildare. Have 4 lads on panel who gave up professional sport. O’Neill not up to it. Should give job to Glen Ryan who might put a bit of pride back in the jersey. Meath are just crap. Between Sean Boylan staying on too long and completely neglected their underage structures in noughties they are paying for it now.


Dublin didn’t prevent Kildare from reaching any All-I series games, let alone from winning Sam. In fact we only beat them twice in Léinster during Geeser’s reign.


I think that is part of their problem, not the 4 lads, but they are probably one of the counties that have had more lads coming and going to Australia, I think there was a generation of young players that had moderate success at underage, probably big success in a Kildare context, and a lot of these lads got very big ideas of themselves, jumped at the AFL carrot without thinking about it, walked on and off the panel etc, but never really knuckled down to working at making the transition from being a good under age prospect to a top quality senior, just ended up being yet another AFL failure and never reached their potential as inter county footballers either.


not really, sure the lack of hysterical headlines and clickbait about that article is just another example of GAA hyprocrites in media, where if kerry or mayo raise and spend more money than us its ok because “its private fundraising” and if we raise it its terrible as its “sponsorship”. Do they think there is a difference? People literally slating the football team as being too lazy to shlep out to new yourk to do a fundraiser as thery have “an official airline partner” when lets face it, the same airline will be handing out loads of money to kerry at that fundraiser in new york.

The one line, barely mentioned, that kerry are getting a commerical maneger/officer, says it all - in contrast to the ongoing whingefest that we have one.


The fact that its not on tv is a joke but I will be looking to give updates on Carlow v Laois early Sunday listening on KCLR Carlow frequency.


I wonder will the revised championship formats and the fallout from the amount of games NOT being televised lead to an increase of the number of games being shown on TV from 2019 onwards


Not unless TV companies are willing to pay for them I’d imagine.


The demand is definitely there would you not think? I’m sure the likes of TV3, TG4 and Eir Sport would love the opportunity to bid for games


Propaganda against Dublin and the Chicken Licken gang who believe the sky is always falling in because “Léinster” is so bad means that broadcasters have got befuddled.
The whole “weak Léinster” thing is a big red herring on a few levels.


No reason why RTE can’t do a Saturday game highlights show in addition to the sunday ones. They already have the rights.