2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


nasty sounding injury - here hoping for speedy and full recovery


Hope the lad gets well soon.


“It’s only a game” kind of rings true here when you see the injuries both he and Parsons have picked up in totally accidental collisions.

There are more important things in life (though a 4-in-a-row is one of them!!!).


Funny when I first saw the challenge live from the lower part of the Lower Cusack, I thought he would get a black card for it.

Desperately sad for him to miss out on a Leinster final in such circumstances


Having been unable to ignore the “Carlow rising” mantra in the media, 3 points from play against Laois, is proof enough if any were needed that the sports media, is agenda driven as opposed to analysis driven.


I wouldn’t even give them the credit for having an agenda. It’s just waffle to fill a column or an hour long podcast/TV/radio program so they get paid.


One for our older Ressers - didn’t these two used to play in the Leinster Senior Championship?