2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


He threw 5 or 6 digs at a player on the ground and only got 8 weeks?


Not sure if that video was used as evidence but it doesnt look great when you look at it .


FFS… 14 clicks (and counting) and an independent.ie link. We’ll never learn.


Gavin is also the Chairman of Clara, none of their players are in the starting team…

Looking at the statement from the players and from Nigel Dunne, it looks like Gavin was as eager as Pat Kenny with a tweet to shytetalk the management without checking the truth of the story.

The history of under performance in Offaly goes back long before the current management set up arrived


21 years ago Offaly won the Leinster Football title. The following year their hurlers won the All Ireland.

There’s no sadder story in my book than the mismanagement of Offaly over the last fifteen years or so. At every level.


Fixed that for you.


Vinnie being sounded out for the job on an interim basis


Wooly got an interview with Stephen Wallace…


They seem to like talking themselves up anyway…


Just listened to Stephen Wallace’s interview on Off The Ball. What a mess, About to listen to the county boards response also on Off The Ball.


Was he on otb too ?


There it is


He’s not holding anything back , thats for sure .
And he has his own theory on why Gavin said what he did . Absolutely mess .


It gets worse. When you’re finished listen to this

A complete and utter mess. Why would anyone want to get involved with this county board. BIFFO is right


Brian Gavin has alot to answer for here .


Surely Offaly would be better to go with local to steady the ship and who knows local scene. Kevin Martin doing fine good with hurlers.
Christ, VM and co aren’t even managed a top 30 senior team in Dublin.a




The battleground for this one is certainly social and clickbait media … people who should have no voice in this, people who like to have a voice in everything, people who think their opinion is important, pundits who should know better, officials, players tweeting in a most mature manner. How not to do things …

Welcome to Trumpland.

Where did decorum and cop on go …


Bizzzare decision by the county board to not let their best player to play for the seniors in the football championship, even though he played with them.in the league .


At least Offaly have Cian Johnston. He will be their best player in a couple years. Touted at minor for the Faithful as the next Niall McNamee.

What a mess this last week has been for them though. They still have qualifiers to go out and play. Will their be a thread for early qualifier games ?