2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


We normally start the qualifiers thread (traditionally known around here as The Paths of the Dead) once the opening round draw has been made.


When teams of roughly equal ability play each other, it’s great craic. Wicklow v dub is the opposite.


We’re 1/500 with PPower for this game…


Offaly after the Vinnie Murphy/Hobbart dream team. God help them


Offaly or the dream team?


Vinnie Murphy haha, it’ll be entertaining anyway.

I’ve played on teams against his Monica’s team, he’s a lunatic


He’s probably still good enough to play for Offaly.


Who - @brogan?




Who is Vinnie Brogan?


the other other brother


There are 5 Brogan brother right. Bernard, Alan, Paul, James, and Darragh.


Some of them is cousins …


Interesting interim manager appointment for Offaly. Paul Rouse the historian is heading up the new team. It seems he has had success previously with Tullamore in the championship.


If he can’t rouse them …

Very vocal against the Sky deal … but may not have any conflicting situation in this job …


He s a dub afaik with strong Offaly connections ( father I think). I am open to be corrected on that .


I hope his middle initial isn’t A.


Only Longford are playing at home in the QF - why is there no whinging about the other games???


because there is no click bait and big interest when it isnt dublin.

The same thing will happen if Mayo gets drawn away to someone small but local in the qualifiers as their season ticket numbers would swamp many grounds too.

The easy solution really is to alter the terms so that if the ground capacity is lower than number of season tickets then the ticket holders get a free tick towards the all ireland requirement of matches. As season tickets are a national scheme it would have to be nationwide but could apply from next year.


Season tickets aside, having Dublin play in a ground with a 7,000 capacity would be stupidity of the highest order.