2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)


Holy moly…and Meath got bate today too?

If Carlsberg did weekends…


Split Longford and Carlow in 2?


Are @ProudDub and @Wifi family? :wink:


Combine Kildare and Meath.
They’d be doubly bad.


Wicklow get an easy ride on this one, with their population they should be better too


Correct. Instead of complaining about them not being allowed play in Aughrim the discussion should be why are you bottom of division 4 and have a stadium that can hold 8k. Pathetic.


Would Wicklow not be better suited in having a stadium in Arklow or Wicklow Town ?


Fair play to carlow Ewan and his ilk have no excuses.


He’s the skanger cousin we all pretend we’re not related to. :rofl:


Ah sure we all have one of them! They’re just not all on Res Dubs though! :laughing:


Kildare have now lost 12 in a row in all competitions(I’ve seen in one report) “HOLY JAYSUS”!!! Meath now in second year of McEntee and going backwards. These managers unfortunately seems to be about themselves on every interview I’ve seen. No disrespect to all but a few counties, these lads should be playing club football until 2 weeks before a match cause they are not good enough footballers and need as much playing time as they can.


Meath, Kildare and Laois should be demoted to the Declan Nerney Cup. Hope they rot for all their years of incompetence, waste, media love-ins and hype, not to mention Meaths long run as the heads of the National Dirtbirds Assoc. Talk of provincial football standards is a pure red herring, it’s about counties, some are doing the right things, others are not.


Kildare have started to get house in order in recent years at underage however they spent a fortune on outsiders managers like Micko and McGeeney and not forgetting the outside players too. Meath completely took the eye off the ball at underage., At one stage Banty and John Evans were in charge ,money would better off invested in underage structures. As well as have poor senior teams Meath and Kildare have poor stadiums and are unable to host decent championship games so their county boards should be looking at themselves rather than deflecting the blame to Dublin.


yes, in the programme for the wicklow match there was an article on how the leinster council have basically taken what is happening in dublin and imposed it on kildare, meath louth and (i think) westmeath. they are sending in GDO’s to meath and kildare like its custers last stand.

TBF their underage teams are no mugs, the malaise is in the senior set up.

Bitter from Brazil actually had the cheek to Rt someone blaming kildares loss on dublin, followed it up with something along the lines of “why bother training knowing you’ll end up beat by dublin along the line”. This from a guy who was a player at one stage is a disgrace. Why do i bother with the dublin marathon, sure i’m not going to win it by beating those African lads who come in.


Amazing stat in the carlow-kildare game. Carlow did not have one wide I believe.


McKenna is an arsehole. take with pinch of salt. He has issues. ■■■■ him and lets not mention the muppet here anymore.


if there is a silver lining anywhere he will put a cloud around it - he was even having a pop at the referendum result ffs with the old “oh yeah, where is the big movement on jobs, homelessness” line. as someone said elsewhere, even the anti dub element who adore him are starting to twig.


Who was this ?


bitter. he has mentioned it a few times, certainly college level in dublin so i assume also his club (athy). the man has some serious chips on his shoulder in general and seems to believe that he is the kid from the wrong side of the tracks who has always been thwarted by the powerful and rich. You may find that revealing.


Oh ok , thought he was talking about an ex player.