2018 SFC - Munster Championship


haha I’d say your man who wrote that had to get his tongue surgically removed from his cheek in Tralee General after writing that!

As my Da always said (and a Kerryman too), paper never refused ink.


Fair play to Kerry, you can only beat what is put in front of you and they did that easily. Nothing much else to take from that game.

Cork were an embarrassment, I’d be very surprised if they make the Super 8. How bad were Tipp?


yeah I agree with you, but I’ve yet to hear them talk about Munster the way they do about the rest. The whole thing is on it’s knees.


Sure Spillane will be highlighting this on sunday game tomorrow :slight_smile:


Final score ?


3-18 to 2-4 for Kerry. After the first first ten minutes Cork were atrocious


How Martin carney is still getting gigs like this is nothing short than comical…


It’d be a scary number. Junior football level


'And the passion, and the skills, and the fitness, and the determination, and the…". heavy breathing


Oh wow only 5 scores from play for Cork. Ouch


Failed to score in last 20mins,


If and when we play kerry and knock the shit out of them it going to be so sweet


You’re shitting really … we all know they’re going to beat us … if Donegal don’t first …


There’ll still be some sort of way talking down that win from the Media Mafia


6 in a row and 8th in 9 years … but nobody says ■■■■ all about it. Laughable …


Has anyone checked on Martin carney? On such a horn after that Kerry massacre he had to be airlifted to the horn reduction unit in the local hospital. It’s kerry lads. The wankfest to begin because they are ‘organic’


Martin Carney is beyond terrible. I watched the second half without sound because I couldn’t take their cliche ridden drivel any more.

I agree with Mick!


They’re such natural footballers …


Let them get hyped!


IF anything happens to geaney they’re in trouble.