2018 SFC - Munster Championship


Shades of

High flying Dubs put back in their place by the next generation of the KotF … all right in the world again …


Its really hard to believe how bad cork were ,marking non exsistant , players unfit , management like rabbit in headlights .Biggest defeat by kerry since 1938 .


They were terrible. It had to be tactically set up really wrong, because they can’t be that bad. I have never seen that much space in a defense. Even Dublin when they are beating someone by 25 points don’t get that room. I think Cork didn’t know where to be.

But you can’t play senior inter county with at least two guys well over weight. It’s not the 70s.

Cork need an outside manager. They guys they are taking on are just propagating the club style. They need an outside influence to change things.


Won’t happen while Frank is around.


on the melee rule

“Where there are two players involved, it’s fine, the referee can deal with it. But where more players come in and add to that…it then becomes a melee. What’s a melee? Making a bad situation worse"

That was an incident where Brian O’Beaglach , Jack Barry and couple Cork lads were involved in row. Should Brannigan have issued cards to them? Jason Foley pulled down Brian Hurley then O’Beaglach grabbed Hurley by neck but wasn’t carded.


Don’t worry. You can be sure Spillane will highlight this tomorrow night, slo-mo it, quote the appropriate rule and sanction and then justice will be done.


How many times have Kerry tried to knock us off our perch since '11 . Even saying that warms the cockles , even the sub cockles.
Again , what a mother fucking time to be alive :sunglasses:


I was very relieved RTE had Colm Cooper on the sidelines in de Pairc tonight. And Brian Sheehan for the half time & full time analysis on the wireless. It’s very important they have not one, but two Kerry men on hand to highlight any wrongdoing by those nasty Cork thugs.

Am equally relieved we’ll have Pat & Tomas on both of tomorrow’s Sunday Game shows. It’s very important we have such wise and impartial judges of how all those dirty Dublin & nordie scuts get on tomorrow. Great job RTE. :+1:


Is it worth watching it back later , am very inquisitive about these Kerry wonder kids .
Are we going to be crying into our coddle early September ?


No, Cork were so bad that any analysis of the game is pointless. The Sunday Game highlights will show you anything worth seeing in it.



Should that not be orgasmic


Well we await the second coming …


At least the radio commentary was scathing of Cork more than praising of kerry. Also of the Munster championship, they said that Kerry lifted the trophy with a whimper!


In fairness they’re good, very good in fact. Maher and Buckley not involved is a help to them. Excellent forwards. But Crowley at full back, brutal.

Whelo done his best yerra tonight, telling Donaghy to hang around a few more years as he’ll definitely win a few with these young lads!


It is impossible to judge them at this time. The gulf in class in GAA is enormous


Lambs to the slaughter?


Ewe had to point that out didn’t you?


Like I said before, it was good for us while it lasted.

Cork were/Are really disappointing. I agree with TO’S about cork and pride in their jersey


I need a bit off reassurance, I feel vulnerable can Dub09 post the league score again to make me feel better