2018 SFC - Munster Championship


Can’t see Cork beating a qualifier team so it won’t be PUC, pity because that great day in '83 will always live on in my memory.
In fact I can’t see any of the losing provincial finalists reaching the Super8s. The likes of Tyrone, Monaghan, Mayo etc won’t be as easily beaten a second time.

Any chance the GAA will rig the draw to have Mayo face Cork and then meet us in Castlebar?


Oh , I’ve no doubt. I like the look of Sean O’Shé. Theres also a lad , stocky , like Powter off Cork , who has a bit about him .

I did enjoy , was it Cooper who handled Clifford quite well in the league . Was JOD playing tonight ?
Id love a lash off them later on .


Jeeze I really struggle to remember stuff tbh … but was it

KERRY 0-11


What? I didn’t quite catch that?


I’m a little bit spooked having attended last nights match . Kerry’s tacking and speed were top class . Cork had no discernible plan. Crowley , Foley and O Beaglaoich are good but could be exploited.
A year too early for them I think but a good team in the making .

Páirc Uí C. Is lovely .


They are very confident. I hope they get Mayo in the Qtr final. Or even Monaghan.


If I was a GAA administrator I’d fix the last round of the qualifiers to ensure a strong show in the Super 8’s .

Of course I was a GAA administrator and never engaged in such shenanigans😃


Say that again? Didn’t get it first time…


KERRY 0-11


Kerry have very good young footballers, no doubt. But I don’t think we can take anything from last night, Cork were a shambles.

But I disagree on O Beaglaoich, I think the guy is well off inter county standard. I can only assume I am wrong and there is a lot more in him, he has been accelerated through the ranks. But every time I have seen him he just gives the ball away and lacks fitness.

The ground looks great on the TV, I haven’t been in it yet, but it looks the business.

Speaking of TV, we can all laugh about Carney and Marty etc. but the truth is they are just awful. It is cliche ridden, judgemental drivel all spoken in some weird acccemt no one from Ireland ever had (except Ger Canning). They are doing real damage to the game. They don’t appreciate skill when they see it, they are constantly negative and they are just unlistenable to anyway. Darragh Maloney and Dessie Dolan are hugely superior, as are the Sky commentators The RTE studio stuff is good, but the match part is hideous.


What ?


I was just saying …

KERRY 0-11


That font is way too small…


What’s he saying dubinhell? Ffs will someone anyone preferably a yerra tell me what is that he is saying



KERRY 0-11

But I’m not 100% certain


I thought he said that

KERRY 0-11

Now will someone please point that out to oul red face! :slight_smile:


Did I fall asleep or did TSG not show any of the Black Cards ???


Well there we are now, football in Munshter is in a fine healthy shtate because the Lords of The Dance of the Flame etc etc are back on song. I noticed that from an early stage The Mart and Carney were gushing out of them like bubbling springs on the Dingle peninsula about Kerry’s play. Even the mistakes and defensive calamities of Cork were more evidence of it. Carney didn’t waste a trick in getting in the digs from early too, “this is what we all want to see, and to hell with all those…ehm… processes and and and systems and and what have you!!”

Kerry very impressive. Cork didn’t bother coming out for the 2nd half. Kerry will work on their vulnerability to goals in the round robin series, interesting times ahead, some teams could end up playing each other twice, such as Super 8s, then All-I semi or final? In the case of some Ulster teams it could even possibly be be 3 times, for example Monaghan and Tyrone?


Dublin and Kerry have the same number of provincials since 2000, but kerry picked up their 80th title yesterday, we our 57th. But yeah, its leinster that is the problem.


Headline in the Irish Star this morning

“Munster is the new Leinster”

FFS it’s the other way around if anything