2018 SFC - Munster Championship


I would.
There, I said it.
Remind me of this when Cork beat Kerry.


They have obviously fixed their full back line. No stopping them now. 1975 all over again. Them pesky minors. And Jack Barry.


A lot of smug Churchill nodding going on in the animal kingdom. Bomber to be brought to a&e as he has hit wood so hard with the excitement they have to Reverse pump the blood back into his body.


Jack will sort Fenton out you watch . And sure Clifford is god. Ah ■■■■ it no point in watching the dubs this year.


Where the fucj is dub09 to remind us if the league score again? Just to give us all false economy


I can’t remember it now but if it comes back to me I’ll post it.


Kerry 0-11


… DUBLIN 2-17
Kerry 0-11


That’s …
Kerry 0-11


Just to confirm

Kerry 0-11


Finally …

Kerry 0-11


Jack Barry me hole …


Is that his full name?


Phew _ false economy is so fuzzy and warm , it’s either that or the peroni.

Anyway who the ■■■■ is this gack berry lad?


Just on my first here!! Another year gone! :wink:


Am in the land of peroni on holidays … Lay down in the aisle of the local supermarket and cried out in jubilation at 1:20 a pint bottle . I was thinking if dub09 and his size 15’s where here we could send Roman a postcard saying wish you were here… Not


You might find litre bottles of it too! Or even 1.1 litres. You can also get a Peroni lager in a brown bottle with a red label - its lovely too - and cheaper!!


Yeah I seen that… Beer is fairly cheap over to be fair!


Give Kerry Sam now … Christ - Dublin rinse a team and its a bad standard, money etc etc … Kerry and Galway rinse teams and they’re shit hot …, fcuking laughable …


If Wicklow are entitled to have their game in Wicklow - they’re not entitled at all Tomas.

Not a fcuking word about minnows Clare going to Killarney!!! Why do kingpins Kerry get home games with nobody kicking off about it???.

There is so much hypocritical bollox going around …