2018 SFC - Munster Championship


Clare were also one win away from relegation too. Achieved survival in D2 against the odds for second season in a row. Colm Collins has worked wonders with a limited pool of players. They lost 7 players that started against Mayo in Qualifiers last year. A lot of the top club players wont commit to county scene and other players have committed to the hurlers.


Indeed - but that doesn’t suit the narrative. A very strong Clare team were hammered by Kerry …in Aughrim …no sorry, Killarney,


The Kerry Hurlers would probably beat The Clare Footballers. It’s brilliant for the Yerras. If they can batter Cork as well that’ll have them tall in the saddle. 1975 all over again! Rightfully back to feast at the top table only to be " Et, bet and threw up again" by the mighty Dubs.


The hardcore know well it will take a tough win against a really good team before they start to believe.


Well lads, it was good while it lasted and we made the most of it. However, we must accept that the natural order would eventually restore itself, as foretold in a little public house somewhere on the Dingle peninsula.

Sure it’s in their genes. If it’s any comfort, we never had a choice.


Born to play them Kerry lads so they are ‘i don’t want to go to school today daddy I just want play football’ we got three in a row lads it was great while it lasted


I hope Cork smack these f**kers in the mouth.


That would be nice


Jaysis imagine Kerry away in the super 8s.


It’s the simple things in life.

A sunny day in Howth, a good walk topped off with a decent pint and a smug Kerry footballer getting a hefty smack.


I see the Circus has rolled into Cork…


Sounds like heaven


Kerry beat Clare in minor 3-21 to 1-7. They will win senior well tonight. Playing junior final Wednesday and u20 final Friday both against Cork


Looks like a good crowd in. If this doesn’t motivate cork to have a good tilt at Kerry nothing will. Rebuilt stadium, first Munster final in it.


It doesn’t sit right but come on cork! :grimacing:


Martin Carney? Think I’ll watch the World Cup.


Carney is creaming himself over Clifford already. It’s beyond cringe. And Marty in tow. Brutal.


Lovely goal, wank commentary.


Yep. The 2 boys love the 19 year olds. That’s Kerry footballers I mean, just to clarify.


Is carrney going to shoot his load