2018 SFC - Munster Championship


Is this going to be an old school, toe-to-toe shootout?




Kerry still wide open at the back.


It’s a possibility.


Crowley at 3. Hopeless.


Carney is an embarrassment!


What’s more embarrassing is rte’s choice to persist with him. Although the culchies do love him.


Carney, Clifford he doesn’t miss many of these from play. He had missed 2 already in this game


Marty now on about a threesome up front. Freud would have a field day.


Don’t think Cork are bothered with that old fashioned mullarkey called defending.


Lads post up the scores there , heading out for beers .


Cork very slow getting the ball inside, same old problem


Several Cork players look very out of shape.


Kerry 4 up 22mins in. Cork have no defence, to quote MOTD, the red sea springs to mind. 10 scores to 3. 2 of Corks have been goals. It’s grim viewing.


Cork getting annilated in midfield.


Cork are god awful, lacking basic skills. I missed the first few minutes, how on earth did they manage to get two goals?

Commentary is painful.


Yep, cleaned.

Kerry mixing it up a lot too. Long, short and diagonal inside. They’re gearing up for us you can feel it!


Their handpassing is terrible. For the goals they Just ran at them. Kerry’s fb line looks very ropey.

13 scores to 3 :eyes:


Kevin McCarthy on for Kerry for the black card. He’s a brother of Mike. Must be near 20 year age gap between them. If yous hadn’t banned our friend Danny HR we could’ve asked him!


Did we ban him? Oh good :yum: