2018 SFC - Munster Championship


Someone gave him his bike back. He cycled back to Kilgarvan but sure they’ve no internet there, yet!!


And the the ref goes and does that. :roll_eyes:


An utterly stupid black card to pick up. Cork are incapable of winning this, no need to pick up stupid cards.

Poor call by the ref on Cork’s second black card imo.


Black card my hoop. What a load of ballcocks.


Cork number 6 is all over the place.


Geaney is class to be fair.


I find it hard to believe Geaney gets it tougher in club games. Between Clare and this it’s just target practice. Class player obviously, but the space he is allowed is scandalous. Wait till Fitzy gets him!


HTF is that a black card? Kerry fouling deep and getting away with it :frowning:


I think carney just had a stroke


a stroke of what though is the real question


Cork haven’t scored since. Game over.


D1 v D2, Cork are no better than Meat or Kildare

The yerras will win this handy


Cork are incredibly inept here. No defense at all, a junior team would score against them. Even simple things like passing to a free man is going wrong for them.

They have no shape at all, defensively or offensively. Probably the worst half of football I have seen from any team all year.


At least they demonstrated that there is a chink in the armour of the unstoppable All-Ireland Champions in Waiting.

Is it too soon? DOOOMED.


Branagan is shite, wouldn’t put him in charge of a pram


This is a turkey shoot yet we won’t hear a word said about the Munster Championship. I can guarantee though if we win by a huge margin tomorrow we’ll be hearing about the Leinster Championship


They keep getting themselves in trouble with h terrible handpasses. Every time they kicknpass the lose the ball. Very poor.


Run at that backline = goals.


Cork will be hoping for a soft draw in the qualifiers, I think the chances of us having to take a trip to POC are decreasing by the second.


Cork bringing the ball into contact and getting dispossessed too easily. Kerry tackling is good but are getting away with tactical fouling. Ian Maguire taken out twice.