2018 SFC - Munster Championship


This tosser has plenty of form in that regard


Cork keeper acting up now, as if they haven’t enough problems.


Kerry start the row with three players going in on the player after the free is given, yet they benefit.


Another one.


1 point since the 9th minute. Shocking. Tipp no score for last 20 mins. And they slag Leinster.


they’ve scored once since. Kerry have tagged on 5


Cork brutal but Kerry moving well, lots of pace.


Enter the streak of misery


2-02 to 2-14 cork only 4 scores so far.


The super 8s are unlikely to be very super on this evidence.


Donkey ?


So a trip to PUC … cool!


Definitely not. Out of interest, is that their official name? Sounds beyond gayy really.

Cork are so bad. They played a stormed against Mayo last year and gave Tipp a good trimming. Hard to believe it’s the same team.


It’s not even what Cork are doing under pressure that’s bad. When they are on their own they keep messing up basic skills. Individually they have to be decent footballers, but it’s not showing here


Scarlah for Cork at this stage. Inept performance.


Nice new shiny stadium though


Crowed leaving early, should be happy they stayed for 2nd half.


Absolutely appalling from cork though .embarrassing.


absolutely. Aidan Walsh, dreadful, amongst others obviously


What happened to walsh? He was a good player not too long ago.