2018 SFC - Munster Championship


Changed codes and a bad injury I think.


Jesus, Cork are woeful. No one will touch that Kerry Machine.:sunglasses:


Kerry are back baybee…


Cork should go bankrupt and start over . Inept

They build that stadium while still having junior level management and training facilities

They are still in the 1970s


A team of kids have bullied Cork. It’s actually embarrassing for them. Love to see the turnover count


A lot of that was it. Also he was never too quick. Or skillful. The ageing process hasn’t helped. Talked to a club mate of his previously and he always maintained he was over rated from the start.


The 4 for Kerry has gotten away with a lot. Constantly fouling, stopping quick frees and the ref has done nothing (not even moved the free forward).

Cork have completely given up, it’s embarrassing.


Yep. Shocking.

Now can we please stop hearing about Leinster and speed up a two (atleast) tier championship. Forgot what the players think. It will save football in the long run. Otherwise it’s almost finished.


Martin Carney jizzing himself about Kerry in his summary of the game. I can’t believe he didn’t mention the opposition were totally inept.


Doesn’t suit the narrative. If it was the dubs you’d be hearing all about it.


The hilarious thing is that we may learn more from tomorrow v Laois than Kerry did from today’s game.


Delighted to see Hurley back playing. Tore hamstring off the bone twice.


Switched the audio off, he’s brutal. Kerry impressive but cork we’re beyond poor.


I know, good player and good to see him back playing.


Cute kerry hoorism and just standing their ground :wink:


Just the 6 “J’know” and 9 “I suppose” from young Clifford. Who’s his media coach - Tomas O’Se?


Yep but all we’ll hear is how poor Leinster is etc…


The kerryman newspaper referred to him as the Paul Pogba of gaelic football during the week :smile:


Don’t forget the 3 'thank god’s!


I would understand the attempt to talk that game up if there was a policy of promoting football on RTE. But all Brolly and Spillane do is complain about the current state of play. So why not mention that Cork looked like a poor division 3 team tonight.