2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


All the best, would be some party if yis do it!


Once it doesn’t turn into a party like this


Only messing, best of luck today


Regarding the Under 20s, I believe that we have all of our suspensions overturned bar for those that were sent off on the night itself. Best of luck to the team today. Would love to see a Fermanagh / Armagh double.


This has got Donegal by double-digits written all over it .


Hot aul day to be chasing the likes of McBrearty around a very big field…


Arlene has arrived !


Jesus Christ almighty, do they vet those singers beforehand?



Medieval battle has commenced.


Sister in law - Would it have killed her to wear her county colours?

Me - Eh, I don’t think she owns all that many green clothes pet.

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Well, this is as dour as Arlene’s pus.


Absolute bore fest. Super 8s looking less and less appetizing by the day.


For the last Donegal point, Fermanagh had everybody between their own 45 and the D. Not one decent tackle attempt and Donegal stuck over an easy score.


Well that looks settled. Nothing against fermanagh, but I wouldnt like to see any team winning playing that way.


I don’t think you are going to have that particular problem.


Na, horrible stuff. Can tolerate it rightly when winning, but when a game is drifting like that, and nothing changed up, its frustratign to say the least. Seamie quigley on in second half and clearly best forward we have, also lethal under the high ball, but it was only hit in a couple of times. I guess they’re so conditioned to play it short its their instinctive first option.

Only thing can cling to is hoping that its a 2/3 year plan; the first year was about getting conditioned and tightening up defence, and attack will be worked on next…On that (hopeful) basis, super 8’s a bridge too far this season, unless they show something different in their qualifier, I have to say I don’t think it will be beneficial for them to win.


Bad luck, lesson learned hopefully.