2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


Sorry about that Rufus. Fermanagh though limited may yet sting some other team(s) this summer.


The Farnys 2 up with about 15mins to go.


All square now, 7 mins to go


looks like curtains for Tyrone, 4 down now with about 3 mins left, bad start to the champo for our outside ressers, Mayoman, Redgreen, Rufus and Daller, and Peter Harte a straight red to make things worse


Possibly the most useless inter county manager of the least twenty years.


So Armagh, Tyrone and Mayo in the qualifiers from the start, would add a lot of interest if Tyrone were to get Mayo.


jesus, that is harsh, but you could be right:)


And we’ll all sit there tonight watching so called experts(analysts) on how Tyrone have “perfected” their system.


It’s true. Ten years between Kildare and Armagh and he did nothing, less than nothing, with either.

Time for Harte to go too. They’re destroying themselves in Tyrone by keeping him on.


If Tyrone draw Mayo I can see Mayo’s summer at an end


Only really catching up on results from the weekend now. My wife gave birth to our first child on Friday so it’s been a mad weekend.

Anyone any idea of how Tyrone set up? Did they change their tactics much or was it same old same old.

Qualifiers are shaping up to be very exciting.


Jaysus @alanoc you love to put the boot in. There have been plenty of worse managers. We even had one …


He’s a fraud though (Geezer not Alan😉)

His tactics are shocking and living off his reputation as a player


Listening to the end on the radio on way back from Wex and it sounded like a good game. Plenty of scores too. Better than that Connacht puke football! :flushed:


Congratulations. Monaghan v Tyrone on bbc2 now started delayed broadcast at 7pm


So we will have either (probably!) Monaghan or Donegal in the Super8 Quarter finals (round robin) in Croker IF we win Leinster.


Heartiest congratulations BD.

I hope you called Bohemian Dub Jr Stephen, Bernard, Deano or Michael Daragh. Even if it’s a girl. :wink:


Who ?? Jim gavin .His lack of sucess in the o Byrne cup will be a blight on his record.


Congrats chief :+1:


Can’t be … Clarkey took the mantle for this