2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


Possible combination, Dublin
Putting the cart before the horse somewhat, but if this was the case with cusack capacity at 14,000 and the Hyde at 25,000 we would play Clare in croker and Roscommon in the Hyde


Congrats BD, get to Dallyer as much as you can fella, cause it’s all downhill …:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Could have Mayo or Tyrone there if they come through qualifiers and meet and beat Munster or Connacht runners up.
As for you tipping Clare I would expect Tipperary to beat Cork and make the Munster Final. Kerry will beat Clare


Well done sir!

Many congratulations.

Will the chissler’s first jersey be a Dubs or Bohs?


Your dead right, don’t know what I was thinking, was putting provincial runners up straight into super 8 without playoff and thought Clare wouldn’t meet Kerry till Munster final :rage:


Just watched the Monaghan win. I thought it was a very enjoyable game. Monaghan were the better team overall and the point taking on both sides was of the highest quality. Much better game than that shite last week. I’d fancy the Farney to go on and win Ulster now. Their confidence is up and they won’t fear too many this year.


Congrats Boh Dub, ask Beeko if that’s the baby’s first birthday or the ‘0’


The win over Dublin in the league in croker would have boosted their belief no end. Could be the shoots of a new order emerging with themselves and Galway stepping forward, very early days alright but positive signs no less.


Just watched the match there and it was light years ahead of what I watched last night. Monaghan really impressive - they have a bit of self belief and a very strong spine to their team. I think it was the Connacht thread where there was a discussion about what players from outside Dublin would make the Dublin team. Mention was made of McManus and he more than justified that thought with an imperious performance. His point from out on the right wing was sensational.

For Tyrone, they were flattered by a two point defeat. I think the loss of Colm Cavanagh - I believe he was injured - was very telling and my sense was that they will struggle to replace the leadership that Sean Cavanagh brought.

Ronan O’Neill was clearly upset at MH for being subbed off, and doing so in such a public fashion will not be without consequences. Peter Harte sent off for a straight red means that Tyrone will be grateful for a handy draw to get them back on the road.

Can I also just add how I never cease to be amazed at how much Geezer seems to incite the ire of so many people. Over on GAABoard there were Galway and Mayo dudes lining up behind the expected Ulster brethern to put the boot in, and it is a common feature here.

We’ve been wallowing in Division 3 this last two years and he still arouses the same old emnity.


I would say McManus is the best forward in the country, he would be a delight to have on the Dublin team


Well he got Kildare to an all Ireland semi final which doesn’t happen every year. Only for a dodgy goal they could have been in the final. He s not great and his stock is diminishing by the year but he was nt always useless.


Anyone can get lucky once


Congratulations @BohemianDub.
Game over, by the way.


Congratulations young man!


Well done Mr & Mrs BD - great days ahead!


Beggan is better than Clucko?

Grand so.

That’s our “dressing room wall fodder” sorted for the summer so.

Cheers Pat !


Unlucky to lose to Dublin by 1 pt in 2011 Leinster final. Kildare moaned about him a lot but they would like to be where he had them back then compared to the state they re in now.


Ahhhhhhh Nooooooo


Yellow for Morgan “clash” with McCarron


In fairness he has waited a long long time to say that a very long time. Poor oul pat. Looks like the all stars have found their new all star goalkeeper. Watch the pimp my goalkeeper campaign begin.