2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


Yeah, I’m not sure what was funnier. That, or his pained attempt at looking like he gives a flying fcuk about what any of the other Munster counties are up to.


That pained look was probably the poor fuckers constipation. Ah remember the halcyon days of Brolly pimping out young Morgan… as the next best thing. Yawn josef… I guess ya have to have Shirley temple hair and to make a right balls of a kick to wreck yer teams chances to close out a game.


Cheers lads. She already has both Dubs and Bohs jersies but Bohs have a photo of her on their social media so I’m waiting on DCB to get their act together :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t know why pat mentioned cluxton, doesn’t he know he isn’t keeper of the year :grinning:


Congrats, a great future ahead of her with the Bohs and the Dubs as the inspirations! Enjoy the madness dude!


Ah ha was curious was that your little one. Mind went back to that popping up on the Bohs FB when ye said it was born on Friday


Tipp footballers got screwed because it’s the small ball big ball thing.

But sure the limerick board have such little regard for the big ball they never checked what team they sent to croke park.

Not sure what the aughrim thing has got to do with how football gets screwed in hurling counties and vice versa.



Totally Forgot Stephen “One For The Thumb” Cluxton had dropped down to 3rd in the pecking order.

Silly old me !

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I hope the mayo blog puts pat right on this or there’s just no point in it’s existsnce.


She arrived two and a half weeks early. There was no way she was missing the Dubs championship opener and Rovers at home next week. :blush:


And they say wimmen have no sense of priorities ! :rofl:


Big congrats to ye all.


Great news Bohemian Dub.


Thanks everyone. Just after seen that McManus point. He isn’t human that lad. Best point I’ve ever seen. Different class.


Fixed that for you there boss. :sunglasses:


He’s right again…
Congratulations and best wishes.
In my experience it’s best to give the nippers all the love you can muster. Then they’ll be grand.



I’m sure they would but that was 1 season…he has won Zero silverware as a manager


True but he had s couple of good seasons with Kildare which indicates to me he is nt a useless manager.


He was a debatetable square ball away from getting them to an AI final.