2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


I really enjoyed the T/M game, great quality, and very impressive by the Farny. Though it looks bad for Tyrone I actually think they are making progress. They played well with a new system that is only bedding in for a coach and players that have never played that way before, and up against a team that is settled, experienced, and has been building for years and is full of confidence. Plus has the best forward around.

So that means two things, I wouldn’t write Tyrone off yet, especially if they get a good draw and CC back. A run of games could work out well for them in their development. And for Monaghan it’s going to be the danger of getting caught when they’re on a high. Otherwise I think they can make an All-I final this year if they get a fair wind.

Rufus as regards the Geeser thing, it’s entirely down to all the hype and love-in and mystical guru stuff that went on during the Lillie era. Riding that sort of wave always, always leads to an equal an opposite backlash.
I’m well over it now and have no bad feelings to him at all, it’s just that being an IC manager with so much expected/demanded is really unforgiving. But fair fooks to him, he put his legendary reputation as a player and leader on the line the last 10 years, answered the call of his county in a lean era, and hasn’t shirked. I admire him alot for that.


Never agreed with this handy soundbite opinion. The goal came early in the match, they did not do enough to win, simple as that, against a very ordinary Down team


How about a cross bar away too , that lazy enough for ya :wink:


Don’t recall that, what happened (in detail)?


Hit the cross bar with about the last kick of the game , trailling by 2 points .

Fast forward it to the end , last minute or so of clip


I watched the Tyrone monaghan defered coverage last night. Monaghan definitely took a leaf out of the dublin tactics book. They avoided taking the ball in contact and continuously recycled looking for an opening.


You ain’t wrong.

Maybe it’s a little early in the year to be gauging form, but Monaghan look like they have their shyte together. They aren’t going to be pushovers by any means. It’s not like Tyrone played badly either. OK, their shooting was pants at times, and a few of them ran out of steam towards the end, but it’s not crystal ball stuff to predict they will be in the mix come Super8s time.

Monaghan have the pace and the vision in attack to furrow my brow in concern. Some of the runs the forwards made to get into space were amazing. There were one or two runs where the player in possession used the dummy runners to bamboozle the defence, and just kept on going himself. Lovely to watch.

Don’t have to mention the sideline McManus point again - it was thing of beauty, and not even mentioned by the Fossets Circus that is TSG.


McManus is in the conversation for best footballer in the country, for sure (til DC comes back…then there is no conversation). The guy is different class…

Was really impressed with Mon as a whole. Well set up. Patient in possession. Looked to have a little depth on the line (which is amazing in itself given their size). Showed real killer instinct towards the end (looked like a team that is battle hardened). Will need to bring that down south in August, but clearly at the top table.

Beggan is a really good GK, his distribution is excellent from the ground and in hand…again was pin point accurate, when needed at the death (not like Clarke from Mayo…)


I’ve said it dozens of times before but Monaghan really put the likes of Meath and Kildare to shame. If Monaghan were in Leinster you wouldn’t see Dublin at 1/20 to win the Delaney Cup.


Maybe useless is harsh but I don’t understand why on his managers cv he gets any more county jobs…was a great player but doesn’t always translate to the management side…maybe rebuild at club level but if his ‘achievements’ are getting kildare to 1 ai semi and losing to the 2011 version of dubs (as we all know pre 5/7 AI) by 1 point then he maybe useless isn’t harsh?


With Kildare it’s a great achievement, considering the players he had


He’s at prime Bernard Brogan atm.
Skill wise , no one touches Diarmuid.


Hasn’t won a Ulster championship game in his 4 years managing Armagh. Remember he lost his first championship as Kildare manager to Wicklow


Morgan should got black carded but McCarron is fond of rolling around. He ran into Cluxton last year and went down like he was shot.


As the article about him points out, he has a very good record in qualifiers. But on another note, he took over a pretty decent Kildare team


Some good points there Al that I would agree with. That will have been a blow to Tyrone but there is plenty there to suggest that they should be playing Super 8s this Summer. Monaghan look like they are absolutely maximizing their resources right now but my sense would be that lack of depth will ultimately be their undoing at Super 8 / All Ireland semi-final level.

You’re probably right, but he’s now five years out of Kildare and the fact that that still resonates with so many is strange. We always felt at home that there was an element our footballers were the Clare hurlers of their time, i.e. everyone glad to see us win one, but when we didn’t disappear off the scene immediately after, a lot of the good feeling quickly turned to angst towards us, and Geezer - with his unsmiling, uber professional, uncompromising approach - appeared to be the human face of Armagh’s unwillingness to disappear.


Sorry @Rufus_T_Firefly but Armagh disappeared a long time ago. While recognising the utter dominance of Crossmaglen when Armagh were at their peak, it can’t be good for a county having a club side so dominant for so long.


Which makes me scratch my head all the harder trying to understand the Geezer sentiments across the country.

By the way, Rangers last Senior Title was 2015 - Maghery won in 2016 and Armagh Harps in 2017!! :sunglasses:


Ah I know the dominance is broken (for now!) but the legacy remains.

Ps you won’t find me dissing Geezer. What he did with Na Fianna still rankles with one or two here nearly twenty years later …


Everything Na Fianna does rankles me, including stealing Johnny Cooper, who is clearly talented enough to play for Kickhams.