2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


Nah not about wanting them to go away(except Kerry who thought they had solved the Ulster plague on their kingdom when Donaghy trampled over yis in 2006). And remember it’s taken years since that time for some who fawned over Kildare and the KMcG wizard in that era to come around to accepting the whole thing wasn’t what they so much wanted to believe, literally the great white hope, the cinderella team/County/leader.

The excuse-making about how unlucky they were has only started to subside, so many of those are starting to turn on Geeser and blame him for letting their dream down.

In this era we’ve seen a similar phenomenon, only on a far greater scale, because the chosen ones have been so consistently close to ultimately fulfilling the destiny that some of their own and the great many ‘neutrals’ demand of them.


Sorry to be pedantic but everyone only has one birthday, every year we celebrate the anniversary of said day.


A post simply to acknowledge that two matches took place over the weekend.

On Saturday evening, Down appeared to be comfortable enough at home to Antrim - 1-18 to 0-14 - which would have been very much as expected. I didn’t see the game, but from reports Antrim rarely threatened an upset.

I watched deferred coverage of the last quarter-final from yesterday, when again as expected Donegal had too much for Derry. The final score was 2-16 to 0-16. The sense I got from the match was that Derry did not have the self belief needed to really threaten Donegal. Donegal led from the first point to the finish and always seemed to keep Derry at arms length. Derry notched 0-16 but actually spurned upwards of ten decent scoring chances, including hitting the post when a goal looked on. However the sense was that if Derry had managed more scores, and applied some pressure, then Donegal could have lifted up the pace and accelerated away. They did what they had to do. In McBrearty they have an absolutely top drawer forward.

I definitely think Donegal showed enough yesterday to suggest they will be playing Super 8s this year. Derry also showed that they are anything but a Division 4 team - in the McKaigues, Emmet Bradley, Mark Lynch and James Kielt, to name but a few - they have some top class personnel and I think can take some comfort and self belief from the performance yesterday. I would expect them to beat Kildare at home and thereafter could go on a run.

Looking at the draw overall, the price of a Donegal v Monaghan final must now be very short odds indeed.


Watching the deferred coverage of the Donegal game, I always felt that they were in control of the game. Yes Derry kept pace with them, but I thought if they needed to Donegal could have upped their performance considerably.

If Derry could improve their shooting returns they could have an excellent chance against a fragile Kildare.


Nice report Rufus. Whoever loses the Derry-Kildare game is really in the depths. I think Kildare are in freefall til they get the teach in order


Thanks Al - and their current form of defeats, which stretches back to last years Leinster Final, possibly puts a different perspective on our defeat of them in Croke Park. Something like 12 defeats in a row, including the O’Byrne Cup.


And the O’Byrne Cup defeats would have stung more than any.


James Kielt, looked at one stage he’d be an all time great. Lack of pace an issue obviously. But some man to kick a score.

Think it was a good result for Derry. Donegal are moving well or ‘progressing’ as the Gooch says. He must be a horse racing fan.

One worry for Derry was only 3 players scored unless I’m mistaken. No love for them but hope to god they have it in them to beat Kildare down there.


Lol…does Brolly think Pat is full of shit or what? :rofl:


Pat still convinced Tyrone were ultra defensive in the noughties


He’s just said it again. Rory Beggin is the best goalkeeper in the game :joy::joy::joy:


He also claimed Dublin leave 3 forwards in the opposition half at all times which is another blatant lie. Get the feeling Joanne is on the verge of pulling him up on his bullshit


Here we go…the “lovely girl” doing the anthem…cover yer ears !


Can see myself switching off fairly shortly here


If it was on out the back garden I’d close the curtains.


Scores folks ?


4-1 to Fermanagh after 26 minutes. Absolute poison. Compared to what’s going on in the hurling this year football may as well be dead.


Very hard to take to Rory Gallagher. Why is he spitting in his hands all the time?


Monaghan really struggling here. Fermanagh still 5/2 in play. I expect Monaghan to be better in the second half and win but given what we’ve seen so far it would be mad not to have a small bet on Fermanagh to see this god awful affair out. Tragic stuff. Thank heavens for the Dubs.


Hard to watch alright. In fairness to Fermanagh the “blanket” has been effective. Thwarting and harrying at all times. Monaghan look a little dazed. O’Rourke will need to change things up in the second half or they’ll be going through the back door