2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


Jack McCarron doing some serious playacting here


The number 9 off Fermanagh is having a nightmare


Holy fcuk !


Best keeper in the country?




“That goal has changed the complexion of the game entirely”

Gee Martin. You don’t say ! :roll_eyes:


Ah McManus


Double digits wides from Monaghan today. They’ve only themselves to blame.


Beggin the best in the country according to Pat


Ah FSS RTE…stick with the on the pitch scenes.


BBC quick!


Famous win for Fermanagh, although they’re horrific to watch, and RTE have 2 mins analysis


Fermanagh in the Ulster final & Carlow/Laois in the Leinster final. Who’d be a bookie? :joy:


Dublin as Leinster champions to play ulster champions super 8 game 1 so no div 1 opposition. Potentially get through super 8s without playing a division 1 team.


That never even entered my mind.


Monaghan in the qualifiers. Cat amongst the pigeons :tiger:.


4 Div. 1 teams already in the qualifiers and we’re barely into June


That has just made the qualifiers a lot more interesting for the next round. Shocking game of football and Monaghan just looked shell shocked. Gallagher and Ricey setting up a Tog15 blanket and Monaghan playing into their hands.


Big big guns , allegedly , with Tyrone , Mayo & Monaghan .


The removal of pot A & B makes it even more interesting as they will do well to avoid each other.