2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


If they came to PUC it could potentially be 2 weekends in a row you could be travelling to Franks fine field.


Are people fcuking stupid or something? There is no question of Dublin playing Donegal anywhere but Croke Park. Not in a million years and rightly so. If they duck out we’ll take the 2 points that we would gave won handily enough anyway and they will be rightly consigned to the history books as the whingers and cowards they are?


Handy enough? Donegal are a fine side and last championship meeting in 2016 was hardly a walk in the park for Dublin.
It’s a shame McBrearty is out injured as he destroyed Dublin in the league game earlier this year. He is worth 7/8 points to Donegal.
I would have Dublin warm favourites based on the current situation.



Mind you if they were complaining about a 7 p.m. starting time on a Saturday evening I’d be in agreement with them. Bang out of order to ask people to begin a minimum four hour drive at 9 p.m. or later


He destroyed Dublin .,. What did Donegal win by?


Is that the game where we beat them 0-20 - 0-15?

If so it was the game where Dublin had 11 scorers (Niall Scully 0-4, Colm Basquel 0-4 (0-1f), Brian Fenton 0-2, Ciaran Kilkenny 0-2, Paul Mannion 0-2 (0-1f), Eoghan O’Gara 0-1, Eric Lowndes 0-1, Paddy Andrews 0-1, Brian Howard 0-1, Ciaran Reddin 0-1, Paddy Small 0-1.)…

And Donegal had six (Patrick McBrearty 0-7 (0-3f), Ryan McHugh 0-2, Stephen McBrearty 0-2, Jamie Brennan 0-2, Mark McHugh 0-1, Leo McLoone 0-1.)


By 5 points but you get my drift. He destroyed whoever was marking him.


Are they still alive? The person that was destroyed by patrick?


Can we start a new thread for the inevitable whining about the venue for every Dublin match for the rest of eternity?


100% agree with this.


3 of his seven points were from frees so our two lads who scored 4 points must also have destroyed their markers, no?


Niall Scully also scored 4 in the same game.


The Donegal whining is a distraction tactic. It only works when it is allowed to distract. Ignore it and it won’t distract.
Likewise journalists very often write contraversial articles hoping for a reaction so that they can write follow up articles ( and get paid more money). The one thing which sickens journalists more than anything else is getting no reaction to their comments. The well know journalist/s most often mentioned here feed off Ressers reacting to their writings. If you want to get rid of them let’s all blank their writings no matter how annoying they are, they’ll soon get lost if that happens


Funnily enough I’ve had a good few lads in work (from different Counties) getting excited about the Croke Park issue and taking a leaf from your book I have told them “We own the GAA now, we decide where games are played, get over it” :joy:

I felt like Will Ferrell (Brennan Huff) in Step Brothers when he tells John C Reilly (Dale Doback) that “THIS IS OUR HOUSE NOW”


Great! But they might put their “talents” to use on another topic


Will someone please think of the pugs?


We aren’t the audience they are targetting , and its a very big audience that want to see this Dublin team taken down.


But a lot of people on here allow themselves to be wound up by their crap. It’s all rubbish and should be ignored by this part of the audience


Id agree , but its a forum to discuss such matters . I don’t believe in burying the head in the sand & thinking this sort of stuff isn’t out there .
People are free to read or ignore such topics as they choose . Its the whole point of not having a “cabal”.


I totally agree. I think some of the negative stuff is over done here, a much larger proportion of the media say positive things about Dublin then say negative things.