2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Why don’t we open a thread on that .
“Positive spin by the media on Dublin thread” , i wonder how many links a week that will get :joy:


Dublin are not going to get dragged into this. Just some silly pop psychology in attempt to pump up the teams and supporters.

Do agree with them about the 7pm start, which makes for long late drive home.

Other counties are going to be banging the drum about CP as well. So perhaps invite them to our home ground for last game, and for all home league games.

I am certain they would just love it. 20 of them might get tickets.


destroyed dublin? I was at that game a could have swore we got 2 pts from that game. maybe I’m gettin old. it’s also mad that teams would have given their left ball to play in croker in any game against the dubs are whingin now. we have 5 from 7 all Ireland’s and it’s just killin some people and we really couldn’t give a ■■■■ where we play,that pox mcguinness is stirrin the shit and loves to be in the headlines but let him at it. bonner is at it now too . Dublin have and always have had the best travellin fans in the country and don’t need or use petty excuses over venues. as Philly McMahon said the other day, if it has grass and 2 goals we’ll play on it, so ■■■■ the begrudgers. up the dubs


Agree completely. This is a Guru McGuinness inspired psychological tactic designed to create a motivational siege mentality within their own camp and to subconsciously sow favourable attitudes towards them in the mind of the matchday officials. Best ignored.

I don’t actually foresee many changes in the line up and it’s not Jim’s style anyway. Con has had a hectic schedule and may need a few games to find his feet. Niall and Brian have done well. If Cluxton is not ready no point in risking him here. Is John Small available?


It’s the media trying to create controversy, the soccerisation of the GAA where there’s always a story to sell.

On the game, McBrearty being out is a big loss for Donegal and us - he’s a top player and that’s what you wait all year to see. Pity.

Without him I think we’ll be too strong, but won’t run away with it. We rarely do.


AFL 1-4 changed to Sunday Morning :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


God forbid… just how are those lads going to get out of bed that early on a Sunday morning???


More the fact that going to the match and enjoying a few scoops be nice


Or maybe being told 6 months ago that the game was on Saturday evening and planning your Saturday night / Sunday around this only to be told ■■■■ you were changing it.


Lucky it was changed at all.

County board fixed a round of hurling games last year at same time as qualifier against Tipp.


have a look at the results and sides out in tonight’s games. You’ll see how concerned lads are about playing league in the summer


Yeh I remember, but couldnt see it happening in football to be honest


No and won’t happen this year either as if Cork/Tyrone game is fixed for Sat hurling games will be moved to the Sunday


I’m happy as @larry tbh. i wouldnt have been able to go on the sunday!


Donegal Biatch-slapped in Croker today…Get used to it lads!!

From the Indo…

THE GAA has, as expected, rejected Donegal’s protest against the scheduling of their Super 8s game against Dublin for Croke Park.

The match will now go ahead as scheduled on Saturday week with a 7pm throw-in at headquarters.

Following a meeting between GAA officials and members of the Donegal GAA Board today, the GAA agreed that Central Council would review the issues Donegal raised with a possibility that motions could be brought before next year’s annual Congress for consideration…

Significantly, the statement also stressed that the structure of the new-look championship would remain unchanged.

Donegal were aggrieved that two of Dublin’s three games in the Super 8 series would be played in Croke Park – which is essentially the All-Ireland champions’ ‘home venue’.

But delegates – including the Donegal delegation at the 2017 GAA Congress - had backed this proposal, so Donegal’s protests were always likely to fall on deaf ears.

A joint statement issued by Croke Park and the Donegal Board stated: “The GAA has confirmed that a meeting between senior officials and members of the Donegal County Committee took place in Croke Park earlier today.”


Not worried about other counties coming to Croker, if you do start think of moving times to suit them you will end up working around bus or train timetables, peoples jobs, local festivals, mass, weddings, funerals, birthday parties etc etc etc


Now that the game is confirmed for Croker, any word on when tickets will go on sale? Only 7 days to go! :sunglasses:


Maybe they are trying to create a demand! I phoned Croker to complain that the Dublin V Donegal fixture was still showing as being for either Saturday or Sunday several days after it was confirmed for Saturday and they don’t like people pulling them up. Simple enough job really, poor service.


Monday as the other fixture has to be organised after the backdoor closes.


I’d say you’re deadly craic.